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[MELB] 2004 Honda VTR 250 SOLD

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Dannyboy, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Hey all,

    'Tis upgrade time for yours truly, and I'm looking at selling the little devil

    2004 Honda VTR
    33,000 km
    Megacycle exhaust
    Genuine Honda screen
    New chain only 4,000 km old
    Will get the 33k service before sale
    Rego to May 2010
    Price: $5,000 on-road
    Email: daniel.burge@hotmail.com


    Note: The pic's before I added the screen

  2. this is a great little bike guys! Good luck w the sale Dan!
  3. Thanks Dougz, now just the waiting game for a buyer... dum-dee-dum :-w

    Forgot to mention too, the bike has met with the tarmac on one occasion, due to an overzealous counter-steer resulting in an extreme lean angle (whilst in the wet). Luckily the only damage was to the bars and gearshift-lever (both bent). Bars have been replaced and gear-lever's position is back to where is was. Dougz was there, so he can attest to no further damage other than my pride and left & leg hip :LOL:

  4. Price drop folks :cool:

    Now $5k on-road
  5. That's a good price, Danny! It's a steal!

    (Wait - you didn't steal it did you Dan? :wink: :p )
  6. nah mate, but somebody will be stealing it from me at this price :LOL:

    sorry mine's in competition to yours Guy, but there should be enough demand for these great bikes for the two of us :wink:
  7. wow, it's upgrade time already.....doesn't seem that long ago, congrats on doing your time :)
  8. Re: [MELB] 2004 Honda VTR 250

    Currently under offer
  9. Re: [MELB] 2004 Honda VTR 250

    danny i was wondering, incase you wanted a Z750.00 i know some one who might be selling one.
  10. Re: [MELB] 2004 Honda VTR 250

    Hehe, thanks dude but already got the sprint waiting for pick up
  11. Re: [MELB] 2004 Honda VTR 250

    Sprint? Nice!

    Remember to do your duty and whack up those pics when you grab it :)
  12. Re: [MELB] 2004 Honda VTR 250

    Of course mate, pics should be up tuesday-ish

    Mods, please lock thread, bike's been sold

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