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[Melb] 2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000 (inc photos!)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by koma, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. [SOLD] 2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000





    The GSXR1000 has to go - it's just not the bike for me.

    I bought it in August 2007 and then lost my license whilst delivering my old bike (my beloved custom FZR 1000) to it's buyer interstate. So i wrapped it up and tucked it away safe and sound and served my 12 months of push bike purgatory, after which i decided to go another 12 months without riding just as a measure of self control.
    Having just taken the covers off and re-registered it last week i've decided that it's for the best if i sell the GSXR and look for something a little more placid, or maybe finally build that kit car i've been toying with doing. Either way, it's up for sale. I'd set it up as a warp-speed tourer with the jumbo ventura rack and bag and the double bubble screen making it really comfortable - all whilst retaining that 1000cc lunacy; what i thought would be my perfect Jekyl and Hyde. I'm sure there's irony in there somewhere.

    2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000 (K1) in Red/Silver
    Powerbronze double bubble tinted screen
    Ventura rack and jumbo bag
    Powerbronze rear wheel hugger
    Rear seat cowl & pillion seat
    Geelong Carbon Craft tank protector (carbon fibre)
    Red anodized bolts all over
    Clear indicators

    Comes with rear paddock stand (very helpful whilst cleaning), original clear Suzuki screen, original indicator lenses & all original stainless bolts if you don't like the red ones. Just replaced front brake pads and front tyre (Pilot Road 2) for RWC, rear tyre has ~55% left on it.
    It's fitted with an Arrow CF slip on pipe in the photos, and i'm happy leave it on the bike if it's to your liking. Not loud, just louder than stock.

    It's got ~33,200km's on it as i've taken it for a few runs to keep the cobwebs off it.
  2. very tidy, just out of my price range atm
  3. If your serious about it, drop me a message. Price is negotiable.
  4. Love the colour! Best of luck with the sale mate, should sell very quickly.
  5. Heh, thanks Sam. Love the avatar! :D
  6. Price drop to $8700 ono.
    Its almost summer now and i really need her out of my garage.
  7. Price dropped to $8300 negotiable.
  8. :(

    if only i had a full time job right now :)
  9. damn still being on restrictions & broke :(
  10. $8100 and still for sale.
    This is getting more and more tempting to just sell a non-critical body organ and keep the bike especially with the nice weather we've been getting recently.
  11. do it jason!:twisted::twisted:
  12. Must resist the urge... ](*,)
  13. I'm about $6k short. Dammit. Sweet bike.
  14. Price-o-droppo!
    $7990, it's gotta go. :(
  15. Do you still have the bike?
  16. Yep, still for sale. Gimme a PM if you'd like to come and take a look.
  17. Price reduced to $7750 negotiable.
    Took it for a run again this morning and i can't believe how much fun it is. Must - resist - urge to sell car and get back on bike again. :(
  18. If this is still around when im done fixing up the R1, then ill deffinatly consider.

    Looks like a great example of this amazing motorcycle!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.