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[Melb] 2001 Kawasaki Er-5

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Burninator, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. Alright, time to sell the Er-5. :nopity: -******-DEAL PENDING-*******-

    I've had this bike nearly 2 years now and need to sell as I have upgraded and will be moving interstate. This bike has been good to me and I'm hoping it can do so for another. It's been my everyday transport and commuter to work.

    It's a LAMS bike, a 500cc parrallel twin, with just over 23,000 kms on the clock. I will included a RWC in the new year, or subtract the cost from the price if requested. I've added a braided brake line to the front, custom led turn indicators, led lights in the speedo (bulbs burnt out), Oxford heated grips, 90 degree valve stems (easier to inflate tyres), and a custom handlebar.

    The bike also has a ventura rack, but doesn't come with a bag as I never purchased one. Bike had a major service with Sixty Degrees about 2,500 Kms ago and more recently I put new Michelin Pilot Activ tyres on which will still have under 1,000km when I sell. Bike will also come with rego to January 2012! You don't need to do anything to this bike for a few kms unless you wanted.

    I'm asking $3,900 due to needing to sell and some cosmetic marks I've shown in the pictures.

    Edit: oh yeah, rego is BD-178. Can throw in a salt flat chrome bar which is lower and some bar end mirrors which I think improve the look. PM if you want any additional info or photos

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  2. Great price for a great bike. Never seen one in silver before.
    I would be genuinely intreseted in it, except no dollars at the moment, since mine is getting babied at the mechanics.

    Good luck with it.
  3. Burninator,
    Nice, clean bike mate and at that price I'd be surprised if it doesn't sell quickly!
    Good luck (y)
  4. Mendy & Nickers thanks for that guys! Merry Christmas as well!
  5. Hey Mate,

    Quick question -- where are you in Melbourne?


  6. In Yarraville (western suburb). Sorry to say though this is basically sold at the moment, as a deal is pending.
  7. Hey Mate,

    Good to hear - as it's Brooke and I you have the deal with anyway :)

    Hope this means the IT issues are sorted?


  8. Yeah $300 and many hours later! Cheers.
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