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[Melb] 2000 VTR250 - rare red white, $3200 ono

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Blodders, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. At this point its expressions of interest as i will have my tax back in a few weeks and be able to do all necicery works for RWC and to have it running in tip top condition.

    its a 2000 moddel VTR250 with the white frame and candy red tank,
    its done 60k+ km and never missed a beat, i've owned it since 32k km and have loved every km of it.

    she has taken me to QLD and back, camberra and back and soooo many trips down to geelong (2-3 a week at one point)

    i cant lie and say that it has never been droped, cause i laid it over 3 times on slow speed drops, the front wheel washed out under breaking.

    there are no real mods done to this bike other than the coustom tank, that allows you to tuck your knees in and go faster.. ok it was a dent from where my knee went in to the tank when it fell over

    its got after market handle bars and will have after market indicators (if you get in early you can pick them and i'll install them)

    i still believe that this is one of the best learner bikes on the market. reliable most of all PREDICTABLE. and when dropped does very little damage to its self.

    i am looking for $3200 and it will come with RWC and 6months rego july/august 2010 (wow its 2010 already)
    but am open to offers

    the rack is long gone, i lost the top half somewhere on the geelong freeway
    the screen is currently not fitted but i will chuck it in if you would like it.

    soo jump on this bargin and drop me a line

    will put some new picks up over the weekend when i've cleaned her up a bit

    she has been my beloved bike for some time now. but its time to move on and upgrade and with the loss of my car. my hand has been forced.


  2. Bump...
    ok here are some updated photos there are about 20 or so
    click here

    ok need to clarifiy a few things. she has done 66k kms and her rego is up in april, but i am willing to haggle a bit :p

    soo lets start the negoiations.
  3. looks like she might be going for a dealer trade in... :( any offers?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.