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[Melb] 18th June Drinks and VIDEO night

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    There is something I have been anting to share for some time with teh group. Whilst living in CA, I was involved in The SUnday Morning Ride for about 3 years. This ride has over 50 years of history.

    I have a video tape of the ride from back in 1997. Awesome riding, tricks and footage of I believe the best rd on the planet.

    Would people be interested in watching this sometime, as a group????

    Party/Video night Foxy's Place

    Saturday 18th June

    8pm on wards

    BYO Drinks, sleeping bags

    PM Foxy for the address
  2. Definitely, sounds like fun!
  3. It is the best video and best road on the planet.... I can do this run with my eyes closed and I have not ridden it since late 1999........

    Hey, maybe friday night we can watch it somewhere's
  4. Whats a Video??? :LOL: :p :LOL:

    Sounds cool......happy to host, switch on the bar lights, fire up some tunes and kick back with the video after a few brews :)
  5. Good call Foxy, good call.
  6. I would be interested in seeing something a little different.
  7. How about Friday 17th June??? Will have to confirm with the SO but should be O.K, plenty of room to crash thanks to Minna supplying me with two new double air mattresses :)
  8. Sounds like it may be a plan Foxy
  9. Free education.....cool...

    BYO pyjamas....but then again, your place is close to mine....can just roll home.
  10. Will check with Mrs Scumbag what the social calender says. I have a feeling it could just be me as she is due in Sydney thurs/fri next week.
  11. brews and chews provided?????????
    :roll: :roll:
  12. Not likely, Venue, bar, music and morning clean up provided, you BYO the rest
  13. I'm there!!! :D

  14. Friday the 17th sounds good :D

    just keep the cameras and Tequila away from me at all costs

    Ps: got another queen mattress if yah need it too Foxy :)
  15. damn you, i'm in brisvegas that weekend
  16. Ok Mitch have the Green light for the Sat night (18th) if you are still keen to do it?
  17. Definately... If, by chance I cant make it, I will drop the video off at your place.....
  18. Cool, I'll leave it to you to edit the title,

    Party/Video night my Joint

    Saturday 18th June

    8pm on wards

    BYO Drinks, sleeping bags

    PM Me for the address
  19. Sounds good, count me in :)