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[Melb] '08 Triumph Street Triple "RRRR"

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by sillygit, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Hey all,
    I'm putting my Street Triple up for sale. It's a bloody awesome bike and I love it to bits but I've got the urge to try something new. It's quite heavily modified with Daytona forks, brakes, Elka rear shock to basically make it an up spec R model, plus I've done a bunch of other cosmetic stuff.

    It has been very well looked after and serviced regularly at Turn One Motorcycles (Triumph experts). It's never been dropped and is in excellent condition both mechanically and aesthetically.

    Vital stats;
    * Odo is reading 20,500+/- KM (mostly touring and twisties riding)
    * Rego'd until late July 2010
    * Just had her 20,000km service
    * A new set of Mich Pilot Powers were installed at the last service
    * Still has 6 months warranty left

    '07 Daytona forks (re-valved and serviced by Promecha)
    '07 Daytona front brakes with radial master cylinder
    Elka 2-way rear shock for Daytona
    Arrow slip-on silencers
    R&G tail tidy
    GB Racing frame sliders/crash bungs
    Pazzo shortie levers (black)
    Renthal matte silver aluminum handlebars
    Flyscreen and visor
    Rear tire hugger
    Carbon fiber tank protector
    CRG Hindsight LS bar end mirrors
    Speed Triple 1050 quick action throttle body

    Price: $14,000

    Here are some recent pics of her:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Shoot me a PM if you have any questions...

  2. Tastefully modified mate but seeing as i'm actually in the market myself (for an R), I reckon your best bet would be to part it out and return it to stock spec. They hold their value better and you'll most likely get more back on the extras.

    Just my 2c, otherwise, top bike! I'm in love with them and it's just time before i buy one. How have you found it and why the upgrade!? More power!? More lean - super sport!?!?

    Either way, good luck buddy.

  3. Thanks! I reckon it looks pretty slick... :)

    I'll probably end up parting it out if no one is interested. I've spent more than $19,000 on the bike and mods as it is. As I inferred above, the suspension and brakes are equal to (if not better than) an 'R', so I'd be targeting it at someone looking for an 'R' + accessories that wanted to save some money over buying new...

    My only regret with the bike is that the 'R' wasn't available when I got it. On the other hand, converting it to an 'R' was an interesting exercise and I learned heaps in the process. As the bike stands there is nothing I don't like about it. You'll love yours when you get it! I'm really just interested in trying something different. Maybe a big V-twin or something. So little time, so many awesome bikes to try... :)
  4. Price dropped to 14K... Any interest before I take her back to stock?
  5. Re: [Melb] '08 Triumph Street Triple

    Taking the bike back to almost stock on the weekend.

    I'll be leaving the following accessories on;
    * R&G tail tidy
    * GB Racing frame sliders/crash bungs
    * Flyscreen and visor
    * Bellypan
    * Rear tire hugger
    * Carbon fiber tank protector
    * Speed Triple 1050 quick action throttle body

    I'll also throw in the genuine Triumph tank and tail bags (RRP $500) if the price is right.

    All that is roughly $15,500 new. I'm looking for around $10,800...

    I'll probably trade in the bike if I don't get any interest in the next couple of weeks. So yeah, make me an offer... :)

    p.s. I can't update the original post with those details.
  6. So are you selling the arrow slip-ons with or without the bike?!

    I may be interested if you end up selling them separately,
    possibly even the tank/tail bags.

  7. A change in circumstances and another good ride through the hills changed my mind. I'm going to keep her for a while longer... :)

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