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[Melb] 07' KTM Superduke 990

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Eskape, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. SOLD - Pending Payment.

    One Owner 07 KTM Superduke, rego CLKWK (Clockwork).

    Purchased and fully serviced (with books) at Zagames KTM since new. Travelled 14,083km. Rego'd till Jun 2010.

    Bike is immaculate, always covered and pampered when not ridden - never been dropped. Has R&G crash bungs all round and comes with Twin Evolution Akropovic pipes with official KTM re-map. Original standard pipes included.

    My pride and joy – Easily the best bike I’ve ever owned but am getting out of bikes - starting a family.

    Cost $24000 on the road when new - Bargain at $14,500ono. Must Sell.

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  2. Oh wow, great bargain. I'm sourly tempted...
  3. I wish!!!

    Are you sure???
  4. If you are after a Superduke this is a bargain!, good luck with the sale mate!
  5. Damn hawt: I'm sooo buying a Lotto ticket today!
  6. Shhhhhh...... Don't tempt me!
  7. You know you wanna Luke... I DARE you too...
  8. Hi All,

    In reference to a couple of queries regarding servicing in Melbourne as Zagames KTM is no longer.

    As of last week Peter Stevens has taken over the Melbourne KTM distribution for sales and service, based in Elizabeth street. Most of the people there are the ex Zagames guys. So they will know the bike and no probs getting serviced etc.


  9. Interested in selling the akras separately??
  10. Hi Soopahdook,

    at this stage, Id rather sell the bike with them. They effectively make the bike and any prospective owner would Im sure prefer to have them.

    If the bike is still around in a months time, I might reconsider.


  11. I can't believe this hasn't gone yet...
  12. SOLD - Pending Payment.

    Me Sad. New Owner will be Super Happy!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.