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[Melb] 03 vtr250 - Black - $3000

Discussion in 'Archived' started by parko, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. 2003 VTR250 - Black
    SOLD! - Thanks for looking!

    Rego Number: CE900
    VIN: JH2MC33U83M020316
    Engine Number: MCISE 1520297
    Build Date: 2003
    Contact: Simon
    Mobile Number: 0412 555 610

    • Clean solid bike
    • Ventura Rack
    • Tinted windscreen
    • Scott Oiler (Automatic chain oiling system)
    • Rego due 12/7/2010
    • 566XX Kilometers
    • Serviced every 6000 Kilometers or 6 months (whichever occurs first)
    • Full service records
    • ~70% tread left on the rear tyre
    • ~70% tread left on the front tyre
    • D.I.D chain and heavy duty front and rear sprockets from The Chain Gang
    • Originally ridden every week day as a commuter (approx 100 km, mostly freeway riding) for about 2 years, but for the past 2 years ridden generally only once a week to and from my current job which is only 10 kays away!
    • I'll admit to using it on the track (4 times) and having a blast! Thats what is motivating me to get a bigger bike! ;-) Oil changed, chain and bike cleaned after each event
    • Cleaned monthly (regardless of use)
    • Chain cleaned and freshly oiled every month (regardless of use)
    • Has been out in the rain ;-)
    • Always kept under cover
    • Has been knocked over (don't know by who... Grrrrr) while parked on the foot path at work. Reaulted in two dents in tank (no paint damage) and cracked left rear indicator. Never been down the road though! (touch wood!)
    • Never had a problem (except for when some $#@! knocked it over on to the footpath at work!)
    • Road worthy certificate will be supplied once a commitment to buy is made
    • Bike has a clear title and has never had to visit a workshop for repairs and has never been written off by an insurance company !... You should ALWAYS check for yourself @ http://www.vehiclestatuscheck.vicroads.vic.gov.au/. I've recently been in a situation where the potential seller did not advertise that the bike was on the written off vehicles register (you have to do so) and I didn't check until after I committed to buy. Fortunatly because he did not meet his obligations as a seller, I was able to back out of my obligations as a buyer
    • Redbook says $3700 - $4400. I'm selling for only $3000 due to the winter price madness, the upcoming rego fees & the dents in the tank
    • For better pics and other info click here (Admins. this is NOT an external advertising site, but a personal site I set up for the sale!) http://members.optuszoo.com.au/sapb2007/vtr250/forsale2010/default.html

    Reason For Selling:
    • Just had to have it and couldn't wait sell first! [​IMG]
    • Recent track school days with the Preson Motorcycle Club and the California Superbike School. Awsome!


    566XX Kilometers

    Ventura bike rack

    Tinted windscreen

    Always kept under cover

    Dents in tank, flash makes them look a lot worse than they really are... I promise!

    On the track!

    The upgrade!

  2. Looks good, Good luck with the sale!
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