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VIC Melanie Edwards sentencing, 12.08.2005

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. When this happened there was outrage on the site here about this case .
    There were many who chipped in and bought the helmet for the family .
    So lets continue the support for the family and turn up .
    Debbie (geoff's sister) id aware and would appreciate the turn out.

    it not a protest , its showing support so please give a hour in the morning

    Time : 9:30 am
    sentencing around 1000-1030 am
    Friday 12th August .

    lets finish the job we started netriders.
    ( Dont post if you cant make it , post if you will be there )

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  3. Keep me posted lads.

    Similar thing happened with a lawyer named Eugene McGee- but it was a cyclist he left to die.
  4. With a bit of luck I should be able to be there.
  5. Lets make an effort to get there this morning .
    Geoff was one of us , not a netrider but a fellow rider.
    Its important to show our presance and her family will be there in force and the motorcycling community should be behind the lordings (Debbie) as they could have taken the easy road out at the start , but they want this to never happen to another rider .
    Debbie and geoff Dad have lobby politicians and worked with both the motorcycling lobbys since Geoffs death to make car drivers accountable in our courts , instead of us being treated like 2 nd class citizens and them just getting off with a fine etc like they have in the past .

    If they can do it while still grieving then its our job to help support them .

    you never know ( god only hopes it doesnt ) but it could be your family that needs the support next time.

    If the lordings can do this for motorcyclists , the least we can do is return the favour and support the family.

    I will be there at 9am , also there is a great cafe next door and the coffee is beutifull, an hour out of your day
  6. sorry guys I was working until 5am and didn't return to the living until 11am.
  7. How did it all pan out?

    Was justice done?
  8. There's a story on it in The Age
  9. "Judge Leo Hart remanded Edwards, of Mill Park, in custody until sentencing on a date to be fixed."

    At least in custody that's one more idiot off the road!
  10. like matt, I wasnt even slightly awake till 11, otherwise i would have made it.
    How many did turn up?
  11. from netrider .................NONE.
  12. Groberts, what do you expect with less than 24 hours notice?

    There are many many people here who work days and cannot, at the drop of a hat, take time off. If I could have been there and had a bit more notice, I would have done my best to attend.

    If we can find out when sentencing will be maybe we could organise another group ride such as the one held last year from the Magistrates Court to Parliament. I don't think that a mob of bikers turning up inside the court house would be the best idea. This would merely intimidate the accused and possibly come across to the judge that we are a bully race of humans, but at least if our presence is shown outside the court house we could get some sort of public awareness happening again.

    If people did want to attend the sentencing, and be inside the court, best idea might be to wear civilian clothing (not leathers etc), and remain inconspicuous. Leathers etc might come across as intimidating.

    (hope this doesn't come across as being bitchy)
  13. I agree. There is no way I can drop everything and skip out on work. Given some notice I could have made it. I'm not blaming anyone, its just the way things panned out.
  14. Well at least they didn't let her walk out of the court house and get behind the wheel, eh?

    I believe this was the result we were all looking for.

    Glenn, I was there in spirit mate. Do you know when the sentencing hearing is? Might be wise to post that one soon if you want to get a few bikers there for support.
  15. Yeah, think we've got to give a weeks notice for leave.

    Could have taken a sicky but they'd have been up a certain creek with out propulsion if I had.
  16. Not in this calendar

    I was at the original protest ride in the city and met the family.
    Good to see the political side being behind this cause. The more lobbying that is done, the better for us as motorcyclist and the hope of changing legislation.
  17. as "just do it" said , a little forward thinking maybe and yes it was at short notice to others.
    No one is saying you call in sick to work , the post had 428 hits over 24 hours. (2000 netrider members , 700 or so on the forum.) you would have thought we could have at least turned out 10 riders

    we have a lot of people who work in the city or close to in , did any of them think to say "boss , i will be in an hour late and and i will make it up tonight etc "
    I find it hypercritical and apathetic that people scream outrage and blue murder until it is time for them to actually do something then all is quiet.

    as regards to turning up in leathers that is the whole idea of it , to support the family and show we are from the motorcycling community and we are behind you and appreciate everything you are doing .
    it wasnt and isnt a protest , it was to support the family and return the help they are showing us in lobbying for riders.

    we arent there to intimate her , the justace system will deal with the legal issues and i say it again our job is to support the family .
    go back to my second post and see what the lording are going through , have gone through and are going through for who ?
    not just them , but for motorcyclists , you and me and everyone else on this forum.
    turn up at the sentencing or dont turn up at the sentancing thats your choice, but never get on here whinging that you are hardly done by from the legal system or scream blue murder about people sentencing when they have killed a rider.
    its apathy, and motorcyclist here in victoria are good at it .
  18. sorry I missed it glen, I'm sure that a few of the people who hit this post today were slackers from interstate or regional areas :)

    I would have been there with bells on, great cause - solidarity is what it is about, not intimidation or protest.
  19. Glen, I'm not saying that you ARE intimidating turning up in bike gear. I'm saying it could come across that way to the Edwards family or even the judge. People need to look at the situation from both sides, not just ours.

    I reckon it's fantastic that motorcyclists are there to support the family, as we did back last year and have done throughout this whole saga.
  20. we dont need to look at it from the edwards side of things.
    remember she killed a man , and if she feels intimidated , well i wont appoligise for that.
    we arent there to cause harm to her or there family .
    only to support the family .