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Melandri to Kwaka in 2009 confirmed.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Shamelessly borrowed from another forum.

  2. So the grass IS greener on the other side of the fence :LOL:.
  3. I wish him all the best
  4. I welcome Marco to the Kawasaki family. I believe his talent will reach its full potential on a Kawasaki. Personaly, I've done all I can to ensure that the bike and team are operating at their peak and it's really up to Marco now to to show the world who's boss. I think he will make us all very proud. :)
  5. Seany, we need to apply green boot polish to his goolies.
  6. I had my scrotum tattooed green...., so should he. It's how things are done here. :cool:
  7. He needs a GT stripe. Colour optional.
  8. WTF would anyone hire Melandri? On Day 2 testing, Melandri was 3.1 seconds slower than his team mate on identical machinery. And .1s quicker than the man he will replace @ Kawasaki. So the rider to replace West is a whole gnats dick quicker on a machine that is capable of being ridden 3s a lap quicker.
  9. +1 to that.....

    and didn't the duke when he signed with them too :?
  10. Yeah, just shows how ridiculous the whole rider/team choice is imho. To pick a bike that you have never ridden, as the one you 'think' you will be able to ride fast next season, just as for a team to pick a rider who has never ridden your machine as the one to pin your championships hopes on, is ludicrous!
    But then I guess if they did test ride then Kwaka would probably struggle to get anyone to ride for them eh'? :oops:
  11. I reckon it's not a bad catch for Kawasaki. There's no doubt Marco can ride a motorcycle, just not the Ducati. When we look at resumes, Melandri is basically the most successful rider Kawasaki has signed in MotoGP with a 250GP World title and runner-up in MotoGP on a sattelite Honda.

    He may have had a difficult time with Ducati, but don't write him off yet, I reckon. Will be good to see either way and I love when the riders shuffle teams.
  12. Melandri is a balltearing rider and a proven fighter in the top class. Having said that, I reckon the Kwakas will remain mid-pack bikes. At least he'll be on Bridgestones.
  13. I reckon MM will do well.
  14. Can hardly be any worse than this year for him can it..........

    I hope he kicks #ss!
  15. He needs a change, and a shave.
  16. I feel sorry for Anthony West. Were is he going to go?
  17. #17 Seany, Aug 21, 2008
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    Short memory cejay? :?

    He hasn't done well this year but there is no doubt Melandri has the proven talent to win races. Westy's been riding with Kawasaki for a while now. If Marco can outpace him on his first ride, a bit of practice and development working with the team is only going to improve that.

    For those who've forgotton, a little reminder.....
    Class act. :)
  18. But he hasn't ridden the bike yet. He is 3s a lap slower than his team mate and only .1s quicker than Westy.
  19. So what's to say he won't ride it well then?
  20. Nothing, but if he is only .1s quicker than Westy on a bike that has the potential to be 3.1s a lap quicker and if Westy is as hopeless as everyone seems to think, it doesn't bode well, does it?

    He was 1.3s a lap slower than Canepa who isn't even a Motogp rider and is currently running in the 1000 Superstock cup.