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[Mel] Where can I get my fairing painted?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ajlim4, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Wondering if any of you guys can give me a list of shops, places or persons, that can do paint jobs specifically for a fairing of a GPX-250 here in Melbourne. Tried searching the site for paints/repainting and ends up nothing in particular that points to a shop, place or a person. Be it a Pro or an amatuer that can really do a good paint job would be fine. Thanks!

  2. 2 streets up from you there is a shop.

    1/2 price this month too ;)
  3. could you be more specific about where that would be? and what's the name of the shop? thanks!
  4. I'd like to know as well.. Would like to see a quote on fixing stuff here
  5. Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings in Spotswood, VIC. Did a great job with my cracked panels and price was pretty much market value. I'd recommed them if you live in Western Suburbs of Melb.
  6. My vote goes in for MCR @ Tullamarine.
    I had my FZR1000 done there when it was nudged by a brain dead chick reversing without looking. My GSXR1000 is currently in there getting a respray and a few other goodies.

    Troy's the one to talk to at MCR, and tell him Jason says 'hi'. :grin:
  7. I Totally agree on Troy from MCR. Great bloke and affordable!

  8. What does MCR stand for? Tried to look them up on Yellow Pages but no listing - could someone please give me their contact details I can't find a place in Melbourne and have been searching for ages!

    (need tank resprayed).
  9. whats wrong with looking in the partners section.

    Original Finish is brilliant.

    MCR stands for Motorcycle Crash Repairs
  10. moto art will do a killer job

    also highly recommend MCR (troy)
  11. What did they charge per fairing at MCR? Got a quote from another shop for ~$250 per fairing, so just trying to compare prices.
  12. randy_andy ... what do you mean you got quoted $250 per fairing? is this per panel or per set?
    Would love to get the ZX9R looked at, and possibly resprayed.
    Also, since you guys seem to know all about MCR ... do they have the equipment for straightening frames?
  13. Yep, $250 per panel.
  14. Custom bike repairs in dandenong fixed my old 250rr up really well. good service, friendly guy. :)
  15. ajlim were abouts are ya in clayton, i work near huntingdale golf club i could have a chat to you one lunch time. what type of paint (2pac or Acrylic ). i will be painting mine acrylic as ive seen what has happen to my bike, with the movment or pushing on the fairing i have noticed it cracking, goes to hard