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[MEL] Westgate - New ramps opening

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Morbo28, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Saw on the news they are opening the Montague St off-ramp on Sunday. With the others to open soon. They gave out the address for this simulator for seeing where you drive now depending on where you want to go. You have to choose your entry and exit ans it'll show you how to navigate through the spaghetti. (Edit: you have to actually steer the car with your arrow keys)


    It kinda sh!ts me that there's a steering wheel in the foreground, not some clipons!!! :grin:

    And I see they'll be resurfacing all through summer on the Monash. That'll suck, but it has needed it for years since the roadworks...
  2. My car is 30 years old.

    Might have to get some arrow keys installed before using the Westgate now.
  3. Well if you ride your bike, remember you'll have to counter-arrow to change lanes.
  4. thanks for the heads-up simon
    perhaps tnmr can go through it for us :]
  5. Two faults with this simulator, there is no acellerator to speed it up, and where are the kamikaze taxi drivers?
  6. lol too true :)

    Has anyone ridden through it in real life yet?
  7. f'ing 'ell. a junction so complicated you need a simulator to navigate it. another vicroads marvel
  8. Do they show the speed cameras?
  9. Being someone that uses the Westgate everyday I think that (for the time being) the new Montague St exit has made congestion worse between the bridge and Kings Way.

    It is confusing drivers that now have a Montague St North exit and Montague South exit to navigate, I don't think that it was clearly communicated enough to commuters that use the Westgate, the only thing that I saw was a news snippet late last week.

    I am sure (hope) that things improve as people get used to it.
  10. I think I found something... (that and I'm procrastinating at work again).

    Go here and check out the third picture, with blue and pink ramps (wonder if they will paint them in real life? :p).

    Drivers coming from the Domain tunnel heading to the Bolte/Todd Road take the blue ramp (as the should); all sweet.

    Drivers coming from Kingsway heading to the Bolte/Todd Road and Westgate freeway take the pink ramp (as the should); all sweet.

    However; A driver who whilst in the tunnel decided they were going to the Bolte/Todd Road (for fuel say) and they take the blue ramp (as they should). Whilst on the blue ramp, they decide they want to go to the westgate bridge (maybe don't need fuel). However before the blue and pink ramps merge together, the pink splits in half first, stopping said driver from merging from the blue ramp to the pink ramp (as the original design was intended).

    But in an attempt to get to the westgate bridge, they head towards todd road, and pass through the shell servo / kfc to get to the westgate again; result; servo pumps turning into a main road for some time??? (can't turn right at those lights behind it I don't think)


    Or should I just get back to work??
  11. Well i get a good laugh out of watching people try to navagate the ramps while working on or around them (y)
  12. brownyy they could go all around loop through port melbourne get back on montague st?? but if they were already pulling in for fuel, and decided not too but were already committed to the lane then bad luck. Pull into the servo, pickup a coffee and marsbar, and continue on over the westgate. Problem Solved ;)

    I could be wrong but is this not the reason for the split ramps?? to prevent indecisive people from holding up traffic flow :p

    you must be really bored at work to come up with that lol
  13. Exactly my point, my question is;

    The -
    I asked this to a mate who has ridden it a few times, and its taken 7 emails of him explaining to me what I already know and missing my question entirely... = frustrating!!!!! lol

    I rode from kingsway to the bolte last night, and for some reason two cop cars were on it with the lights on sitting in the blocked off left lane. No idea why, did someone just off??

    Does this mean more people will jump off there, resulting in fences been needed thus blocking a lane while they are installed (there's no emergency lanes on these things) thus creating more havoc in the traffic for several months while they are completed...??
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  15. I notice that on the simulator they show cars and trucks and four wheel drives, but didn't notice any bikes..................oh of course, it's because we are invisible....
  16. Yes they are nothing if not accurate..