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[Mel] Technical Book Shop is closing down!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gromit, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. This may come as a bit of a shock to those of you (like me) who've been buying books and magazines from Technical Books for years, but I was in there yesterday and they're closing the doors for good. :cry:

    Seems the move from Swanston St to La Trobe St hasn't worked out for them, so that's the end of the business. They have a '25% off everything' sale on, so if you're looking for a bike-related Xmas present it might be worth dropping through.

    (And no, I don't have any connection with them - apart from having been a customer for longer than I care to remember.)

  2. That's sad. The guys had such big ambitions for the move, it was going to be half bookshop, half auto showroom.

    But yes, the new location robbed them of the huge walk-by business they'd have had on Swanston St.

    I'll roll in there today to pick at the carcasse of a great institution.
  3. That is sad. They've been very helpful on my occasional trips to Melbourne.

    I guess we all need to ask ourselves how many books we've bought from Amazon, and similar, recently...
  4. Oh dear.
    That is a shame. :(
    I'm a long term customer. I was just in there a couple of weeks ago eyeing off some books and did note that they appeared to be down on stock.
    I'll pass by soon.
  5. That is awful news, I love that shop and have a great collection of books from there.
  6. Sad news, visiting the technical bookshop was always one of the highlights of shopping in Melbourne for me.
  7. That is a shame, but independant book shops seem to be struggling in lots of places. The increasing number of chain book shops aren't really a substitute because they mostly stock the same lines.

    I've been buying about 3/4 of my new books in ebook format for the last 3 or 4 years (fictionwise, baen ebooks, mobipocket and a couple of others) and most of the rest are impulse buys from one of the chain book stores... with the odd difficult to obtain book bought via Amazon.

    I used to be a regular Technical Bookshop customer too... but it's more convenient shopping the way I do now.
  8. So it's all your fault :wink:

    Might have to wander around the corner for a look tomorrow :cry:
  9. It was 30% off today and I overheard the chap at the counter mention that they will be closing down on Saturday.
  10. Yep according to their website the doors close on Saturday. Thinking I should try and sneak in a trip down to Melbourne tomorrow morning - the store hasn't been completely picked clean yet has it?
  11. In terms of motorcycles: Almost.
    There's a fair it of Harley and chopper stuff left.
    Very minimal Ducati. 851-888.
  12. Still 30% off today, picked up a $22 Albert Park history book for $15.
  13. Ahh okay thanks for that - think I might save myself the trip down. Anything I would have bought from there I can soon track down at Hylands in Melbourne or Pitstop in Perth anyway (and their mail order is a lot better than the technical bookshop was).