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[MEL] Ride Sunday 12 Jul. Depart 10am

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GoTeam, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. EDIT: See a few posts below for the route. If there's the odd drizzle, I'll still go (I have wet weather gear for that). If its raining, I won't be going.

    I've been through the hills but haven't yet ridden the spurs. Weather permitting, I'm considering the following route for Sunday:

    Ferntree Gully --> Warburton --> Reefton --> Marysville --> Healesville --> FTG.

    I can't remember which thread it was but read within the last week that the Reefton Spur isn't in the best condition in terms of debris etc and is probably one to give a miss at the moment. Is that right? Is there anywhere else that could pose problematic or anything else to look out for (or give a miss for now) for someone who is unfamiliar with those roads?

    If anyone is interested in coming along, let me know. I'm not a fast rider so if you are in for the ride, feel free to head off into the distance and I'll meet you at the stop off points (the towns listed above).
  2. was up doing reefton and black spur yesterday. Yeah reefton has alot of bark over the road at the moment, a few small sections with gravel also duee to relaying the road surface. Also some sections quite wet and it does get a bit chilly the higher you go up. Ice on the sides of the road in some sections also :LOL:
    The black spur, she is fine buddy, u'l enjoy it if its not wet, was dry up there yesterday :grin:
  3. Thanks Kinkybinky. I might choose a different route (maybe up the Black Spur to Marysville, on to Kinglake or thereabouts and back again). I've never been there before so am not keen on going when the conditions aren't good for a newcomer.
  4. New route:

    Leaving BP at intersection of FTG Rd and Burwood Hwy at 10am --> Healesville (via Mt D Tourist Rd and Lilydale) --> Kinglake --> Healesville --> Marysville --> Healesville --> Woori Yallock --> Ferntree Gully (via Monbulk Rd).

    Total trip: about 240 km.

    Stops: Healesville, Kinglake, Healesville, Marysville, Healesville.

    Maximum distance without stopping: 50 km

    Minimum distance to stops: about 35 km

    Lunch stop: Healesville

    Estimated total ride duration (including stops): 6 hours. I'm going off the Google Maps times as a guide and taking into account roughly how long the Chocolate Mill and Woodend rides took.
  5. i was up at the reefton and black spurs about 4 weeks ago in the car, the surface on both was fine, apart from it being 1degC and 1ft of snow on the side of the road between marysville and the reefton spur. i'd advise against this section untill the warmer months, as the roads were quite slippery, and this was in a car driving at a sedate pace! :shock:

    but go up and do the black spur, it's fine. post up when you're heading out, and u may get a few of us to tag along.

  6. Thanks Sheppo. Details are above your post.
  7. i may be very interested... ive had very limited riding recently so i need/want to get out on a good ride. im also not a fast rider by any means :p so sounds good.

    ill confirm tomorrow i think :)
  8. I was up Reefton on Wednesday. Lots of bark and debris between Maysville and the turnoff down to Reefton and for a few k's down, then relatively clear. But it was wet and slippery. Felt my wheels slip a tad a few times and must admit it caused me to slow considerably.

    Around the Lake mountain turnoff there was a light dusting of snow on the side of the road. I imagine if you got a cold snap it could end up on the road as well.
  9. might be up for this ride depending on weather.Rug up went up there yesterday.Froze
  10. i was interested but kinda sounds dangerous..
  11. Suit yourself. You're welcome to come along if you change your mind. I'm staying away from the Reefton Spur so that should take away the potential snow/ice issue. Everyone has said so far that the Black Spur is fine so that means going as far as Marysville should be fine too.

    Yeah, I'll be rugged up to the max with thermals and will probably have my wet weather gear on as well to minimise any wind chill. I'd say that hot drinks will be bought at each stop.
  12. just got home from a night out :LOL: Wow very windy and raining outside, could be interesting come sunday on all those roads, trees, ice perhaps snow if this weather persists over the weekend :LOL:
    Goodluck on sunday and i hope u get through the ride and back in 1 peice :LOL:
  13. The weather forecast has been about right so far in the way yesterday and today have turned out. Today was supposed to be a day that was not very good for riding (windy and showers/rain tending towards the evening and clearing overnight / in the morning). Tomorrow is supposed to be similar to what was forecast on the day we took the ride to Woodend, both in temperature and cloud etc. It didn't rain on that day. I only recall a handful of seconds of light drizzle.

    The thing to do will be to check out outside to see what its like tomorrow, the forecast and the radar and make a call.

    I'll post up my call at 8:45am tomorrow. I'm not a fan of riding in weather like we've got today (windy as with large gusts) nor rain so won't be. If its a go ahead (and its likely to be if the weather goes as forecast for this weekend) then I'll see whoever is going at the BP by 10am.
  14. if you do end up going, do you know what time you'll go through lilydale?

    i'd wanna meet up there, perhaps the maccas or shell? :)

    cheers :)
  15. My guess is around 10:45. I presume the McD's or Shell you're talking about is on the main drag in the direction we'll be going, right? If there's only one Shell to look out for then let's look for you there. If we're early then I think it'll be ok (speaking for others here) to wait around until 10:50 for you there.
  16. yeah, the maccas is on the right, and then further along is the shell.

    ill try n be at the shell at 10:40, fuelled n ready to go :) little gpx, with a young looking guy next to it :p
  17. Here's the weather forecast:

    Forecast for the rest of Sunday

    Partly cloudy. Isolated showers, mostly clearing during the morning but redeveloping later this afternoon with the chance of a thunderstorm. Winds north to northwesterly averaging 25 to 40 km/h.

    City Shower or two. Max 16
    Yarra Glen Max 14

    We'll see how it goes but I think the Kinglake leg may get dropped so we get back before the rain starts this afternoon. Play it by ear but route to Marysville first, back to Healesville then up to Kinglake and back if it still looks ok.

    The breeze/wind has just started up at my place and seems to be on and off. It isn't anything like it was yesterday. The clouds looked like they were starting to clear at 8:30 (I saw a small patch of blue) but it is cloudy again now. There's no rain at the moment so I'll be at the start point by and will leave at/around 10am. The roads are wet at the moment so I'll be taking it easy while they're in that state. They should dry out though.

    Enigma, I've got your number so if anything changes, I'll send you a message. Please do the same if there's a change for you.

    Dress appropriately since it looks like a 10 degree day for the most part to me.
  18. Hope you all have a safe ride.

    I need to pull my finger out and join one of these rides :p
  19. was a good ride... only one problem, but its not my place to mention it :)

    YOU SHOULD OF COME! :p turned out that the weather was fair to us :)
  20. I think we seen you guys at Kinglake ( red/white/blue cbr and white gsxr together)