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MEL -> Newcastle -> MEL. Return route added for ideas.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Morbo28, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Hey all.

    Does anyone know a good place to stay for the night near Moss Vale-ish (ie somewhere just on the South/West side of Mac Pass)?

    In mid-Dec I'm heading up to Newcastle. I have a mate that I will catch up with in Wollongong and ride through to NCL with him (after picking up some other goons from around SYD area).

    I'm thinking I might just slab it up on the first day to get bulk kays done, so the second day we can start off with Mac Pass and have a pretty leisurely/more twisty ride up to Newy.

    I'm thinking maybe Bowral/Moss Vale/something like that? What do you think about those places - do you have any better recommendations or some hotels you could recommend? A beer and a good feed would obviously be on the cards for this night, and secure bike storage would be good.

    Ta :grin:
  2. nowra or kiama would be a better bet i reckon, start off with berry or cambewarra mountain into kanga valley then onto mac pass. definitely a better start to the day.
  3. I'm living in mittagong, and can't think of any hotels motels around with secure bike storage that i've noticed, the grand country lodge motel in mittagong has a underground parking area, but it isn't blocked off, and there pricey, perhaps the caravan parks have a cabin with a carport, and a few motels you abviously park at your door, but nothing lock up'ish i know of in the highlands area, could be wrong but
  4. Were I you I would cut across the high country and make my way to teh Loaded Dog at Tarago for the night. Great food, inexpensive and a bike friendly pub.

    From there head East to Braidwood then up the Princes to Nowra and take it from there (Either Kangaroo Valley, Jamberoo or Macpass.

  5. slab out to Cann River, but promise me you take this little diversion. you can thank me when you return :wink:
  6. Hmmm alrighty then, thanks for the suggetsions, people! :grin:

    I might combine some of the suggestions, and go up through Gippsland (imstead of Hume), head through that diversion Nibor mentioned and spend the night at Tarago. That'll put me in a great place to do Mac Pass and meet my friend in the Gong. Perfect!

    Sounds like that could be a plan!!!! You guys rock. :cool:
  7. also, once you get to bega, turn towards tathra and go through to bermagui. it rejoins the highway north or east. looking at google, east is the better option, but north if time is a factor.
  8. Done!!!!! :grin: ta!
  9. From Eden go Pambula, Merimbula, Tathra and on to Bermagui. Will save you running up to Bega and then going to Tathra.

  10. As a combination of your suggestions but with some compromises due to time constraint, I've come up with this route (linky).


    I'm sort of making up the part where I get from gong to putty rd, but it looks okay.
  11. Most country hotels will provide you with some sort of secure parking, all you have to do is ask.

    Incidentally, why are you going the coast road and not through inland Victoria and through the mountains?
  12. unless things have changed, dr george mountain rd is dirt. turn off towards merimbula and then take sapphire coast dr up towards tathra, then through tathra to bermagui.
  13. It depends on where you mean. I have also done up another route (clicky) that goes up through Cooma instead of the coast.


    It depends, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the south coast of NSW on the bike, but this is also an option. Apart from that, I want to jump on the hwy to get heaps of kays between me and Melbourne pretty quickly, then look at twisties when I'm in NSW.
  14. Ah crap, you're right. Damn I thought I'd found a sweet little road there :LOL:

    Okay, I've made those changes and updated the link, ta!
  15. If you ride down the pass, you will inevitably turn straight around and go back up :LOL: , if at the top in robertson you decide as a group not to go back down to wollongong, heres a way from robertson to the picton part of your ride via the back ways old hume hwy etc
    Also though i trust most netriders are law abiding honest people, it may not be wise to have your home address linked as a starting point link on a public forum advertising you will be away for some time :shock:
  16. May need to check with the wollongongite's if Mount keira rd is open all the way from the gong too, i heard it was closed a bit up due to landslides, could be confusing it with another road but
  17. Shelter, food, beer/coffee, bed in Mogo if you need it.

  18. Keira is fine, it was Mount Kembla road that was closed (but work has been going on)

  19. Heya, I did a similar ride to the Hunter in July.

    Highlights - the road from the A1 to Mallacoota and back, nice tight reefton style twisties. Back roads from Tathra to Bermagui, blissful smooth sweepers and lots of little bridges over creeks and rivers, really nice stuff. Putty - duh, and the Bells line of road from Richmond across to Lithgow. Well worth it for the views crossing the Blue Mountains.

    That said, you're going in Summer. Can you do the coast one way, then the mountains the other?
  20. Ta again guys. To you guys for checking whether the road is closed. And Joel, thanks for the offer mate - if I head home that way I'll at least drop in for a coldie or a coffee :grin:

    (btw that address on GMaps is near mine and and I'm in an apartment complex anway...*ahem*... :) )

    Phojomark - that Mallacoota road does look good - time wise I might not be able to check it out though. 900ks is a lot for me as I like to enjoy the ride and feel I can stop if I want.

    I know of the Bells Line of Road and I have been keen to ride on it. And I am certainly not scared of coming back a dfrnt way to the route I took up north - I prefer it actually.

    I will look at making up a route on the way home, with more time I like just finding my way around but to get back in two days I'll at least have an outline of where to head. You guys have helped a lot already, but if you had a dream ride south, feel free to put it up here :grin: I'll be by myself this time too, no dropping in on old friends along the way for cups of coffee, so if anyone wants to jump along for the ride south, let me know!

    I'll be heading back over the 23rd and 24th December to get in MEL on Xmas Eve.