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[Mel] New tyres

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nearlyempty, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Any recommendations for a good place to get some new tyres in Melbourne?

    I'm looking for something like Bridgestone's BT01# ... but then I'm always up for a bargain if there's any going!

  2. Cheers, Flipper.
  3. Pablos it is, then.

  4. I always went to Pablos cause they were in Richmond.
    Now they're out whoop whoop so I tried Bob Jane.

    New Diablo for the rear and $25 off the price because of Netrider.

    I'm a happy camper!!
  5. Only thing with Pablos is they dont sell Bridgestone.

    I still need to buy a pair of new shoes for Pepito.

    I rarely use anything else..... unless it's a bargain, of course.
  7. try pirelli diablo's you'll never go back to shitstones :LOL:

  8. Firstly the bt010 has been superceded with the bt14
    Secondly you now own a bmw with a telelever front end so the tyres you want for it are metzelers.
    If you are after all out grip get the z3
    if you are after grip and longevity then get the mez4 with the mez4b front end.
    Also get your bike serviced at Ringwod Bm nowhere else as thse guys own their business and answer to no one.
    They are magnificent repairers and do an excellent job servicing your bike.
    (southbank bmw wanted $50 to balance the the throttle bodies when i put the staintunes on the bike and the idle mixture went out whereas James at ringwood BM did it for nothing as it took a whole 2 minutes to do)

    Get your tyres from ringwood BM as they know bmw and will make the best recommendation for your new steed (a wise choice)
  9. While were on the subject of new tyres. The rear ones on my bike are now shagged (the technical term I believe :D ) the front one is still okay so i'll only want to change the rear.

    My question to all you learned people is if I have pilot sports on the front would a pilot power on the rear be a problem or should you always keep a "matched" set of tyres.

    Any tyre gurus out there ?
  10. After several sets of 010's, diablo and now powers, I'll be sticking with the powers for the forseeable future.

    For me the 010's always ended up wearing terribly, the front would cup out really badly and once the centre of the rear started to go, it seemed to shed at a fast rate of knots.

    Now that I have fitted powers there is no cupping of the front tyre whatsoever, and for a soft tyre I am amazed how well the rear is wearing.

    010's 3-4,000 max out of a rear, with the powers that has not even worn halfway to the indicators.

    I will admit that I have dropped the pressures down since changing to powers, 32 psi front, 34 psi rear.
  11. I'd always go a stickier front rather than a stickier rear and not so sticky front.
    Best in your case to match the tyres or change em both to pilot power.
    never have a stickier rear than front as you have a higher risk of lowsiding not highsiding.(thanks scooter) :)
  12. Any reason for the Metzelers?
    As it is a telelever (and you just need to trust it a bit more than say a Gixxer), then grip would be pretty important for the front, but I do tend to like the rear a little harder.

    Yeah, I like the BM a lot. Before I bought it I rode a few different bikes, but always felt that I wanted a big twin after riding Jap fours all my life (re - Gixxer above). Something to do with all that grunt.

    Believe it or not I actually chose the BM over a Duke (1000SS)! The Duke had an awesome engine, but would have been a bit too crippling for those trips up to the mountains and wouldn't have been happy with a pillion.

    A Staintune is quite high on my shopping list.
  13. Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't you be more inclined to low side when you lose the front?
    Highside tends to be when you lose the rear temporarily before it bites and throws you over the high side, yes or no?
  14. Correct. (i got it wrong way round)
    A grippier rear will increase the chance of a lowside .
    What you are also risking is understeering .
    You will find most riders racers when mixing compounds will always choose a stickier front to rear.
  15. The mez4b is designed sepcifically for the boxer with a telelver front end.
    The way the telelver works is very different to normal front ends and what it does is scallop and chop the front tyres (as happened to my last bridgestone)
    The z4b has a more rigid sidewall and hence has a reduced risk of scalloping.
    Also it has to be inflated more than normal hence i run them at around 38-9 psi front 40-42 rear.
    It is the best balance and really improves handling.
    If you go to ringwood BM and speak to chris and james they will tell you more about telelevers and tyres, as Chris once worked for metzeler.
    You will also see metzelers there with a K designation designed for K series bikes.
    Check your PM.