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[Mel] Mon Apr 11th ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by MADMel, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Got the day off and plan to go for a ride - anyone else from Melbourne up for a weekday ride?

  2. Lucky bugger!!! Nose to the grind stone over here. :(

    Edit: I have no idea what I was trying to say in my original post...should make more sense now.
  3. Depends - you have any ideas on start-finish points yet?
  4. If you can't find anyone Mel, PM me and I'll meet you after work and I'll show you a nice little ride within the city limits.
  5. Hi Voyager, need to see the Ocean - I'm going to head down to Barwon Heads / Ocean Grove - it's the only route south I'm familiar with as i surf down there most weekends but never ventured far from that spot (new to area)...be the first time down on the bike though.

    So far just me going (VTR Bob a maybe) so leaving from my house in Footscray - I'm on my 'L's so it will be a cruisy ride - lunch / coffee and then head on back - will be going to the Westside Coffee meet later as well.

    Notice you live in Werribee so if decided to join I can meet you at a servo or something along the way - I'll PM you my mobile
  6. Okay that was weird - guess I wanted to make sure ya got the message voyager! Kept getting error messages - yep I'm directionally and technically challenged!
  7. Thxs matt232 - going to the westside coffee on mon night but will take you up on that other night - defiantely need the practice riding at night through city areas
  8. I've been thinking about going to Westside Coffee for a while but have been too lazy. If you want someone to ride in with Mel give me a bell.
  9. Perfect idea - Barwon Heads/Ocean Grove sounds like a great place to go to. So long as I have my bike back by then, I'll meet you somewhere along the route.
  10. Lazy Arse :p Will TXT you on Mon and let you know...depending on what time coming back from day ride - may ride straight in from south - otherwise yep I'll ride in with ya specially as your just rnd the corner (thxs :D ) - Chairman offered to swing by and escort me also but I know he has to pick another person up so will save him another stop
  11. OK all, I'll be meeting Voyager at 10 am at the Werribee Seven 11 on Synnot St just off the Princess Highway if anyone wants to join on Monday.
  12. Turned out to be a glorious day for riding - anyone who COULD have joined us missed out - losers! :p Took the back roads from Werribee down to Corio, then across the penninsula through to Barwon Heads. Cut back to Queenscliff, then around to St. Leonards, along the coast to Portarlington, then back through Hobsons Bay and finally back up to Werribee, just in time to meet up with everyone for coffee.