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[mel] Learner Question tickets

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OG, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Ive been on my L's for a year rideing to work every day lol
    I have my full drivers licence and i have never gotten a ticket although i do speed ocasionally.

    A) I always assumed if i got a speeding ticket i would loose my licence but i hear because i have a drivers licence i just loose points?
    8) Would a ticket for running a red loose me my licence?

    On another note ill prob get my licence in a couple weeks so i will be restricted for the year but not have to display P's (pitty the year on the L's does not count)

    C) Im thinking of getting a gsxr600 is it true i would just get a 120ish fine if caught rieding it on the weekends and not loose any demerits? id rather get my gixxer now and ride the 250 to work for another year till i am un restricted rather than buy another lams bike now.
  2. You may want to consider the issues of insurance cover if you go with option C.

    You will not be covered by insurance and if you cause damage/injuries, the other insurance company will sue you to recover costs.

    A rear ender into my OH's car cost some stupid woman over $18k in repairs, just for my OHs car, let alone hers. Our insurance company took it into their hands to recover the $$ after she smugly told us that she had no insurance and no assets, so there was no way she was going to pay.
  3. on your learners in VIC, you have 5 points on the bike, and 12 in the car

    If you get up to 5 demerits in the car and/or bike, then you will lose your bike permit. If you then get another 7 points, you will lose your car license

    When you get your Ps, you then have the 1 license including both car and bike with 12 points.

    If you accumulate 12 points from either vehicle, both rider and car license will be suspended

    If you get a speeding ticket it can come under various fines and demerits - up to 10km over its 1 point
    20km over its 2 points
    and more than that its 3 points (or something very similar)

    I believe a red light offence is 3 points and a fine

    and yes there are no points on riding out of restrictions, but I agree with Rabbit about insurance
  4. No points yet... That will almost certainly change now that LAMS is in - as will the fine level. Don't know when or how much yet but I suspect it will be a change within the next 12 months. My own suspicion is 3 points and probably double the fine.
  5. ok thanks guys , cant believe i spent a year thinking one point and i would loose the L's.
    Oh well off to get the licence this weekend they had a drop out on the weekend so a spot opened at tulla

    And i hear what your saying it would suck to spend 12-15k on a gixxer and loose it because of insurance, might get a heavier lams bike so i can get usto what the gixxer will feel like.

    Thanks again
  6. [​IMG]
    Here comes another 10 pages of usless crap :roll: