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[MEL] just a spures run Sun 14 JAN

Discussion in 'VIC' started by lordtb, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Hey if any one is interested I'm going to go for a hoon through the usual Reefton and Black spures.. perhaps bit further...

    I'll have some thing maped out or go where ever...

    Level?? do we still rate rides?? if so this is a ride for Expirianced riders.

    Departure 9:30am Rowville, Mobil Servo https://netrider.net.au/pics/maps/vic-rowville.gif
  2. It is looking like one or two novices might be joining in... so the pace might be slower... all depending on the numbers...
  3. if i can get up in time i may try get to this
  4. I may be a starter for this, won't know til I see how I wake in the morning. How long do you expect to be out for?
  5. I might make to this one if I get out of bed on time.
  6. I'm expecting to be back at home no later than 2pm
  7. Yep, i'm up for this... so i'll meet you at the Mobil nice and early (for me!).
    One of the learners is a no-show, but we do have the 'other' one coming along. She's very enthusiastic. :LOL:

    Cya there.
  8. I'm keen and will probably bring another learner with me. I'm probably intermediate.

    R3D L1NE
  9. :LOL: hey R3DL1NE this ride was last Sunday, done and dusted, you might need to check your calendar dude. ;)
  10. Don't hate me, it's hot.
  11. Can sympathize with you Redline, I would stick with that excuse too :wink: :)
  12. its cool dude, i didn't mean to offend or anything like that, just trying to keep people inline ;). .......ouch! its hot here as well :LOL:
  13. Don't take me too literally, it's cool man. Is there another run planned for this weekend if it doesn't rain? Does anyone know?
  14. Usually if you fly up there on the weekend and someting isnt already mentioned on here you will most certainly come accross some netriders here and there :)

    Why dont you post a ride? or PM some people?