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[MEL] FS: 1989 Honda Spada 250cc V-Twin

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by RustyO, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. Posting on behalf of a friend, phone number below, call rather then pm me.

    For Sale 1989 Honda Spada 250cc V-Twin

    In 1989 the Honda racing team had just won their second F1 Grand Prix and the visionary CEO, Tadashi Kume, decreed that all Honda's should from there on in, be insanely over compensated for its power to weight ratio...... and so they built....... the SPADA.

    With a massive 39 BHP/ 28 KW's from the masterfully designed V-Twin engine, strapped to a bike that weighs less that a 145 KG bag of potatoes, you get some hellish take off and exceptional handling, this bike is just full of surprises.

    A brand new GT250R Hyosung, selling for about $7,000 has a measly 30 BHP and the $9000 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ........... its only got a pathetic 28.

    To give you a better idea, this bike will do 0 - 100 in 9.2 seconds...... now that doesn't sound much when you put it next to a R1 (2.4 Sec) or a Hayabusa (2 seconds flat) however put it next to a 2009 BMW 1 series and your substantially faster (11 sec), or for that matter a Alfa Spider (9.6 sec) or the Peugeot 216 GTI coupe (9.5 sec)..... not so bad now eh?

    It can pull a top speed of 160 KPH on the open road, which will happily keep you out in the sunshine and away from the traffic, and with a pleasant ride height and bar spacing your back and bum will be happy as well, but don't worry it’s got break disks the size of a house to stop you, and stop you it will!

    With such a light, cast aluminum frame this bike can zip around the city streets like a greased up pig through the hands of a group of drunk Yankee school boys. It's thin enough to get though the tightest traffic spots and big enough to carry even a large guy (I'm standing at 6.2 and 110 KG).

    As you can see from the images it has taken the sexy lines of the early cafe racer in its bar styling, but still retains a crouched, ready to erupt like a volcano front end.. and if you do let it loose and the front comes up , you have got giant 37" forks to take the shock when you return to earth.

    This bike is possibly one of the best city runabouts ever built, with solid engineering, engineered by lot of very smart engineers, this bike almost unbreakable, it’s something that will stay on the road and out in front for quite some time to come.

    oh and the best part of it all, all that bottom end power, top speed and brilliant handling.......... its only 250 cc so any learner can ride it!

    This bike is in fantastic condition however is not selling with Rego or RWC

    Will need a small electrics fault checked and that is it (indicator fuse pops when foot break is applied).

    Will go straight over RWC test once this fault is repaired

    New front tire, back tire and brake pads, no oil leaks

    $3,000 ono.

    Call Ben on 0406 783 958

    Spada is located Northern side of Melbourne.





Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.