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[MEL] exploration ride east TODAY 30th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by lordtb, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. Ok I have never lead a ride B4... and I wish to go where I have never been..

    so Meet point cornner of wellington and stud... leave 10:30am heading east...

    I was thinking Emerald, Cockatoo, Gembrook, (possible dirt road) Hoddles creak, Launching place, Noojee, Icy creak, from there perhaps Baw baw or south??

    Level of expiriance?? I'll not be pushing it... and if some 250s come allong I'll adjust to their skills/speeds...

  2. Hehe, well from the description of where your going i'm gonna say i THINK i've done that before... (all except for the dirt road bit!).

    I'll be there! :D
    (Not that you had any doubt :p)
  3. OK,

    Sounds good :p

    I'll be there.

  4. Me too
  5. Me Too

    Ill be there.
  6. I'm pulling out of this, too hot, I'm gonna sit in the pool instead.

    Have a good ride everyone.
  7. Bloody awesome ride... albeit a bit hot.
    Damn roads melting were a bit of a dampner! :twisted:
  8. A bit hot, but a great ride, and great company. Thanks guys ;)

    A few serious Brown moments heading up to the Baw Baw summit on the melted chewing gum asphalt, but other than that, a great day.

    Next time I'll throw on the tank bag with the camera - the view from the top of Baw Baw is great :)

    Next time anybody is in the area, I'd advise you check out the McNoojee Burger at the Noojee pub.

    Geez it was huge :eek: But nice ;)

    No wonder I was the tail ender all day - the McNoojee burger was weighing me down! \:D/

    After I left you guys in Trafalgar I took the Neerim South Exit, and went home via Neerim south, Poweltown, Yarra Junction, Launching Place, Healesville, Yarra Glen, Kangaroo Ground, Hurstbridge -> home.

    Great day!

  9. Envious as all hell,

    Geez mate that sounds like a great day out,shame i wuz wurkin,i was actually thinking of going round that way soon,at least" at the talking someone into it stage" anyway,i might post a ride when i`m off work early jan and see what happens ,now there`s a thought.Regards from Jeff. :grin:
  10. Thanks guys for a great ride.
    I know i slowed down after my fall but hope i didnt hold you up too much.
    I would like to blame the road but i know i was just of day dreaming. :oops:
    All the scratches will polish out so not upset.
    Had fun anyway.
    Hope to catch you again next time.
  11. It was a greate day... pity the roads were melting... but fun any way...