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[MEL] Anyone feel like going on a ride tomorrow?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, May 26, 2006.

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  1. I'm thinking of heading out for a half-day (or thereabouts) ride tomorrow. Kick things off late morning, get back mid-late afternoon.

    Maybe do Yarra Glen/Yea/Alexandra/Marysville/Healesville/home, or go down Noojee/Powelltown way. Just a nice Saturday ride.

    If anyone feels like coming along (or has any better suggestions for a route!) feel free to PM me or grab me at Southbank coffee this evening. We can work out the details from there.

    This isn't any sort of official Netrider event; this post is just a toe-in-the-water exercise to see if anyone wants to come along. :)
  2. I was planning on putting some k's on my new SV tomorrow.. Im still breaking her in and its my first big bike so ill be taking it pretty easy..

    Company would be great but if your planning on a fast pace i might give it a miss as I dont wont to hold you up..

  3. I was thinking the same, but my current plan is to head out with the Melbourne Touring people this Sunday instead.

    New bike so no peg-scraping for me.
  4. I'm happy to take things easy - I just want to get out and about on the bike. :grin:
  5. Would but got Broadford tomorrow and the spur Sunday...Sorry Clive :cry:
  6. Dean whats happening at Broadford??

    Im keen for a ride guys, :grin:

    Maybe we could go for a cruisey ride though Wittlesea up to Broadford to see what Deans up to

    I havent been out for like 4 weeks so lm keen for a ride around 12.00 or just before when the fog lifts, and its meant to be 17 2moro, so should be a nice ride
  7. sounds good, might make an appearance if i can get my asse outa bed
  8. Im not fussed where we go.. A start time of 11:30-noon would be great.. Can have a few extra hrs shuteye..

    Im flexible.. So just post the final details and ill be there provided I dont have too many drinkies..

  9. I'm in, (I've got some new tyres need scrubbing in).

    Let me know where you're meeting and I'll be there (will log on tomorrow morning).
  10. Yep, I'd like a piece of this - picking up the bike from its 800km service tomorrow morning. A black spur run, or somewhere else east, would be welcome.

    Perhaps we could aim for a late lunch at in-neutral in Marysville.
  11. definately having a look at going out for a ride tomorrow.
    Going to leave from Narre Warren. Meet up at Marysville
    would be good. Anyone out this way wanting to tag along
    more than welcome. Looking at leaving about 11.30.
  12. Hey Guys, I would be interested if u can be bothered riding with a learner??? I also have a mate who rides a MITO, that could be interested.

    Been looking forward to a long ride in these areas, im not too far away, let me know more if all goes ahead.

  13. Okay, here's a suggested plan of action to discuss:

    Copper1000 and I leave Narre Warren at 11:30

    For others wanting to join us on the way out, we could agree to meet at a maccas or servo in Lilydale, at about 12:15

    We head out through Healesville and Black spur, turning off for Marysville and stopping for lunch at the In-Neutral restaurant - by past experience we might get out of there sometime after 3pm

    This could be followed by a comfortable run through Reefton spur, and back to Melb, hopefully before darkness falls.

    Rom Rom - Everybody who has posted about the pace seems happy to take a relaxed approach to the ride - I'm sure you'd be welcome - I'm not planning any peg-scraping antics either.
  14. Ok Maestro. happy to meet at Fountain Gate Maccas at 11.30. Whatever plan of action after that would be fine.
    let me know if that's cool. :cool:
  15. Sounds good to me Maestro.

    Only issue cold be the time.

    At this stage I could get down to the Maccas at 1pm.

    Otherwise will have to meet up somewhere else.

  16. Hmm - this time of year, 1pm at lilydale, the run would most likely end after dark in Melb. I'm cool with that but it's not exactly optimal. Can you save time by meeting us in Healesville? What time could you be there?

    Edit: given your locn, I guess there isnt much time to be saved.

    Everybody else who posts, lets try and reach an agreement on this point -

    option A, try to leave around 12:00, hopefully the ride finishes in daylight.

    option B, leave at 1pm, more chance of going after dark and Rom Rom would be able to join us.

    For my part, I'm willing to take option B to accommodate another rider.
  17. is this a different cruise to Gromits suggestion?
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Not open for further replies.