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[MEL] another dam "L"

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by OG, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. well im not even that yet got my permit this weekend hopefully i pass

    anyway after doing my tax im half way there making my cash for the bike and gear

    ill probally look for a hand the day i go and buy the bike get someone to have a look at it for me

    well if anyone wants to help a dude out

    updated info
    well my name is chris, i work in IT
    ive just moved from Adelaide to Melbourne , well six months back

    always liked mechanical stuff, and i plan on cleaning - servicing my bike myself
    pluss this should be a good way to meet some people as i dont know many people in Melbourne

    if im lucky one day i may meet a naughty little biker girl :grin:

  2. hello OG and welcome, would you like to tell us a little about yourself.
  3. Hello and welcome..

    Fill in you profile with your location so we know where you are from.. :cool:
  4. Updated my info
  5. WOOT got my L's today yay for hart
    yeah the instructors over there are great , especially the cute chick hehe

    i was good at everything but i had a habbit of stalling the bike,
    out of 12 people i think 4 failed and 2 of the people had there L's already so wernt really trying (they did the course because they got the L's in another state where it was written so still had no idea how to ride)

    the instructors were nice enough to hook up some time later on in the day for the 2 that failed to have another shot

    After we all had our licence we had Ant (the bigger guy i think) run us through roadcraft and i think that was really helpfull

    its not so much the professional part but the people over there have the right attitude for the job and i thank Honda for providing us with them

    now i just need some cash for a bike ;0( but atleast this week i can buy the gear and make broom broom noises in my car

  6. Welcome and congrats, Chris!
    Buying a bike certainly is good motivation for getting tax done. Been there twice now :LOL:
  7. yeah lol i forwarded the tax strait to peter stephans ill go pick up the riding gear Friday hehe