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Meguiars Quik Detail

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jeimbo, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    Been using Meguiars to clean my bike since I bought it a little under 3 months ago. I read in today's motoring section of the paper that Meguiars warn continued use without washing with water can degrade your paint.

    Now there's nothing more I'd like than to get into the bike with a bucket of suds and the hose but obviously can't unless it rains for a year over the dams.

    What do others do? I don't want to go to the high pressure joint and I don't know if there are other safer non water washing products I can use.

    What do others do and/or what products/services do you use?

  2. Use VB.

    Ya can't drink that shit, might as well do something with it.
  3. Not surprising, the active ingredient is brake fluid.

    Personally I reckon you're better off with one of these:
  4. Philistine

    Bet you're a boutique, or even worse, Tooheys drinker....
  5. I picked up a spray bottle of waterless wash (I think thats what its called) last week from Supacheap. About $7. Works a treat on my dark green machine. You'll need 2 quality clothes though. You know wash on, wash off!
  6. i use spray bottles
    one filled with soapy water, one clean
  7. Get some buckets & catch the cold water that comes out of the tap while waiting for it to get hot. I've got 4/5 full buckets in the shed at any time. Wash the cars, bike, water the pot plants, whatever.
  8. windex and/or mr sheen... then wax over the top :grin:
  9. PM your email addy dude.
  10. :rofl:

    Not true. You CAN drink it, but why would you? There are two exceptions:

    1. Free beer is good beer; and
    2. You've had a few, and can't taste it anymore anyway.

    On a side note, it could be worse: XXXX or Tooheys.... :shock:
  11. Very happy with the formula one bike detailer (gold plastic bottle, at supercheap, $25 a pop.) Cleans paint to the gloss of kitten polish.