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Megelli 250r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hyo_duc, May 29, 2009.

  1. http://www.qlinkmotor.com/products/products.php?pid=95

    new single cyl two stroke coming to aus. what you guys reckon. Has a nice ducati front end, nice chassis desing and sexc undertail exhuast. :p
    looks good for a small bike. build quality is not bad either
  2. Depending on local cost it may be fun as a track bike.
    However if that $3499 is US price then it will have a bit of work to do to compete with the RS125 and RS250.
  3. It's a 4 stroke...
  4. 16.2 HP from a pseudo-sports 250 is feeble. Even my old CZ250, which would have been state of the art in about 1959 could beat that.

    Nope. Sorry.
  5. there was a thread on them not long ago on NR about them.

    I it's been confirmed as $5K Aus. For me that's about $1000 too much. Though I'd probably go the naked myself. With a round headlight it would look even better.

    I might try and find one second hand in about 18 months and play silly buggers with it. Could be fun.

    here you go:

  6. It all depends on what you want to do with the bike.

    If it's your first bike and you are still learning it should be adequate provided you don't have to drive the freeway everyday. It's got less power than my CB250 (I didn't know that it was possible until reading this thread), which amazes me.

    I survived my first year on L's with those 250 CC and about 18 HP. Drove it every day to work and back and put 3,000 km on it in a year. Reliable, cheap to run and to maintain and a nice trade in value as well.

    If you're a speed monster and want to be the first one to be away from the lights, forget this one.

    If you want to learn your limits "safely" this will do just that. It will corner without too many issues, keep your license safe from speeding and allow you to get out of nasty situations because of its' agility.

    Just a heads up, they do get uncomfortable due to vibrations, etc. because of the high revs and small capacity.
  7. looks quite nice.. my friend might be interested in this!... any dates confirmed on when its released and where from??
  8. Guess I should do more than read the thread and look at the picture.
    4 stroke 16hp? My 125 Madass has that sort of performance already :LOL:
  9. i can wheelie a 250 single with 16hp weighing 112kg easily under power. close enough to balance point as my unconess can

    show me anyone who can get an across with 45hp up under power without changeing the sprockets? cbr's still need handfulls and dumping the clutch

    power isnt everything. singles rock...single 2 strokes are even better...not for wheelies though
  10. Wasnt this the newcomer proven to be mostly cheapish parts, nearly every model in their lineup essentially using the same frame and engine (ie, offroad/cruiser/road) just different wheels and fairings?
  11. I am pretty sure that you're right.
    The name rings a bell now.
  12. and?
  13. Something about riding a bike where the model is not actually specific to it's purpose doesnt rub well with me.. Why buy something that looks like a dirtbike if its got the same engine, tune, brakes, etc as the "Sportsbike" model.

    Jack of all trades, master of none. I'd rather buy a niche bike, maybe even an older one, that does what it LOOKS like it should do.
  14. Comparing it to a decent 250 twin the 16hp seems a bit week.
    But if you had the choice of this or a cbr125???
    I think this would be the answer.
    120 odd top speed is a bit lame, but it looks flash
  15. Because it's an approach that worked perfectly well for the first 75 odd years of the existence of motorcycles?

    For those who say 16 hp is enough, I agree completely. But unless it's astoundingly economical and lasts forever with no maintenance (both of which should be entirely feasible at that power output), it's an engine spec that is at least 30 years out of date. I bet it isn't and won't, though I'll stand to be corrected.
  16. Thats my point, it just feels...well...like a bad buy option nowadays.
  17. Man, judging by those pics, its one of the nicest looking bikes on the market at the moment.

    Pity about the half-arsed engine. Guess its just a bike for posers.
  18. Same could be said for my bike, really. :-O)
  19. Fair enough.

    Realistically though, from what I see on the road and from what I read in internet fora, at a charitable estimate, I'd say that the dynamic qualities of their bike (which is where specialisation would score), is not what limits maybe 75% of riders in what they can do with it, whether dirt, road, sport or touring.

    So if the manufacturers can save a few bucks by putting together a range of bikes out of standard components, that will satisfy the needs, if not the egos, of 75% of potential buyers, then good on 'em.

    In my more cynical moments, I'd push that figure up to 95%.
  20. It strikes the magic balance; 248cc and 248 pounds weight :LOL:.