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Megelli 250r sport

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by PilotPete, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone, i thought i would post my experiences of the Megelli 250r. Firstly i work at a motorcycle dealership on the Sunshine Coast and we have recently gotten a few of these to see how they go.

    As a few of you may know they are a 230cc Chinese bike and they live up to all the plastic expectations, they may look good in photos but so does the cbr125. It is a piece of P@@.

    The bike almost looks good but it just has something wrong, the dash is very small! i found it very novel and unuseful. all the controls are hard to use and have to be visually checked to make sure you've done what you intended to do. Sitting on the bike doesnt improve things too much seat position is relatively low (i'm 5'8") and bars aren't very far away but quite low. Moving off is more off sound then feel as the clutch gives you nothing and is the same all the way through, once moving around at slow speeds manouvers are near on impossible due to something in the rake and front end, the bars just want to move side to side which with some familiarisation with the bike may be cured but it wasn't a nice start to the ride.

    Once on the road the massive lack of power and accelleration was immediately obvious, there was no real power burst throughout the rev range and the bike struggled to rise through the revs, in any gear! The engine was screaming at me doing 60 in 3rd and when changing through the gears it was more a game of release the clutch and hope the gear had changed as there was absolutely no feel through the pedal. The position of the gear selector is terrible requiring my whole foot to raise off the footrest to select up. The rear brake is similarly high requiring your foot and ankle to be in a very awkward position to use the rear brake, this made covering the rear brake very hard. Performance of the brakes is limited and rather lacking, it's a good thing the bike will only get to about 115k/h. My first experience of the front brakes was a scary one, having been cut off but a Commodore i instictively got on the brakes and luckily found what seemed to be sufficient enough decelleration to avoid an accident however i was no where near impressed with the stopping power or feel of the brakes. At no point did i get to test the tyre performance as the road was slightly slippery and i had no intention of coming off.

    Summing up, for $5999 on road and service intervals of every 3000kms after the first service at 500kms i would be looking elsewhere, used ninja 250r or similar. I ride a 09 Ninja 250r and have just clocked 10,000kms on it and it is a wonderful bike, working at a bike store i get to ride a few things and the ninja is by far the best 250 learner bike out there, much more options in terms of tyres and enough power to have a bit of fun not to mention looks the goods. The Megelli is the opposite!
  2. disappointing as I reckon it is a good looking thing
  3. i thought it was a UK based brand
  4. it is but they produce them in china -- the owner/designer is from UK I believe
  5. Good review. I also work in a bike shop and have ridden just about every learner bike available (except this megelli) and I agree the kwaka 250r is one of the best, but my favourites easily the cb400. Pricey though.

    Is the megelli the one where they were releasing 3 bikes with identical engines and frames and just replaced body and suspension to suit? To give them a sport, commuter and a dirt bike? If so can't expect it to be much of a handler I suppose!
  6. Yep, the sport, naked and motard we only have the sport at the moment. I said the ninja was the best 250 learner around, there are a few nice bigger learner bikes around.
  7. I'm sure the bike isn't good, but it also reads like it wasn't set up properly.
  8. Thanks for such detailed review, i was quite interested in getting one of these stylish things but was told it was lacking in alot of areas apart from looks. your review confirmed it and it was very helpful to me, thank you very much.
  9. I have seen a couple of these toys around, they aren’t quite as bad off the line as you portray, and they do look the biz (From a distance).
    But once you get close they do look very poorly put together. (That swingarm just looks scary)
  10. Can't comment on the Megelli, but if you go and look closely at a few 70s Jap bikes, particularly the little ones, they appear to have been welded together from old tin cans by a robot with a grudge against its human masters. The fact that so few fell apart under their riders is proof that it doesn't take much to make a motorcycle that works. Sorta :wink:.

    The Japanese got better. I suspect the Chinese will too.

  11. I think your opinion would change if you threw a leg over one.
  12. Have just ridden the NEW Megelli - water cooled, 6 speed , 29hp
    still a single but 4 valve
    absolutely fantastic ride . so much fun - top spped more than 138KM - still only weighs 130kg - much better grips , suspension etc than the air cooled model
    am going to buy one but vcannot get stock at the moment - all sold
  13. Just saw one of these bikes parked in the cbd yesterday and looked very nice in the flesh. Meant to take a pic of it and post here but didn't get a chance.
  14. hmmmm I wonder if you could could squeeze a dr650 or xr650 engine in there. Particularly the naked.
  15. When i got my P's the instructor (a very heavy bloke) rode one and i sounded like it was struggling. a nice looking bike although, another learner had one and sold it as he was not impressed with it at all.
  16. TZR or RGV 250 with a blown motor would probably be cheaper and better quality as the basis for a Supermono special. Maybe even and RS250 if you got lucky.
  17. Starting to see more and more of these bikes around. They seem strategically priced 4.5-6K below it's competition such as ninjas. Could these become the next hit L sports bike only time will tell.
  18. heya!
    Long time lurker here but never got around till getting my license...till nows anyways!
    I took a gamble and bought the megelli for poser points!](*,)
    There had been a few problems but the dealer sorted me out.
    Because i didnt expect much from the beginning i actually did get impressed.
    The bike is quite solid despite looking abit toyish. I was told the engine is much more stronger than the older model.
    But what impressed me the most is i tipped over in my driveway trying to impress my friends..(i bet this is quite common) when i went to replace the damage fairing it only cost me $60 for a brand new panel.
    It would of been much more expensive if it was a Kawasaki. Anyways im pretty happy with the bike but i guess ill have to rack up the kms more to judge properly! Interestly though the dealer did mention that there was 1 special model available soon and another in the pipeline.
    After scavaging the net i found it here http://megelliforum.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Megelli-Australia/170834316261928