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Megelli 250r 2011 battery

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Scottyboy8289, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    just bought my new bike and after mucking around last night I've left a light on and I'm pretty sure my battery is flat.

    It's 5pm and my dealership is closed now.

    Just wondering if anyone knows the location of the Megelli 250r battery so I can charge it up.

    Thanks :)
  2. Also, I did check the manual and it says all about it just not where it is.

  3. Have you looked under the seat? Oh, and you could probably push start it, too.
  4. I'm a fairly new rider, so how would I push start it ?

    I pulled up the seat and the rear cowl and it's not there

    My brother thinks it's under the fuel tank but his not 100% certain And i would rather not have to take the tank off incase I stuff it up :) not very mechanical minded. :(
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  6. Put it in 2nd gear, pull the clutch in, run alongside it and when you get a decent bit of speed drop the clutch. Pull the clutch back in once the engine's started otherwise have fun chasing your bike down the road.

    If you're not comfortable running next to the bike, get someone to give you a running push while you sit on it.
  7. Just type up bump start on youtube and you'll find something...

    Or the absolute easiest way would probably be ride it down a gentle decline in 2nd gear with clutch pulled in until you're at a decent speed, then pop the clutch, and pull back in once bike starts. Once you're settled, and ride away... (and don't stall).

    Once you get it started, go for a long ride (at least a few hours, or leave it running, or a combination of the two acts), and chances are, the battery should be charged enough for you and you won't have to do anything else to it.
  8. Kill switch
  9. ibast I am going to keep thanking you every time you say this.
  10. ignition on.
  11. done all that.

    turns out if i try start it a few times and it doesnt start.... go back about 5-10 mins later and try again and it should start.

    its happened to me the past 2 afternoons, and im guessing it will happen again this arvo when i try.

    so .....i may not have to take the tank off.

    is this normal for a brand new bike ?
  12. reads like flooding. Does the choke have 2 positions? In summer use less choke or even none. If it's flooding without choke then take it back as it hasn't been set up properly.
  13. By "start" Do you mean engine will not turn over - sounds like flat battery.
    Or do you mean engine will turn over but not fire, sounds like flooding as per ibast's post.

    And definitely not normal.