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Megelli 250R 2010/11 OR CBR125R 2010/11

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by PGriz, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Hi all, shopping around for a bike for the wife, she's sat on two, the CBR125R and the Megelli 250. Looking for some advice here. She likes the ride height and weight of the CBR but is concerned about the skinny wheels / tyres.

    She is thinking of getting the Megelli 2010/11 model 250r and lowering the back suspension a little. With the adjustment she likes the feel, look of the Megelli. Dealer said the latest Megelli has fixed a lot of the issues that plagued the first release megellis.

    We are leaning towards the Megelli as it's weight is similar to the CBR, height can be adjusted for her, it's a 250 rather than a 125 and will last her longer (hopefully) she won't be lookingto upgrade anytime soon.

    CBR has 12 mnth warranty, Megelli has 24 mnth warranty.

    Concerned about the quality of the Megelli, even though it's suppose to have improved.

    Any dealers/mechanics or anyone else that could offer some advice?
  2. They are a good looking bike the Megelli's,after getting back into riding after a long break I thought the Hyosung brand would be good too..and I had heard the same things...they have improved and have a great warranty.
    Can you get parts though? No use having a good warranty if the parts are not in the country.
    I would go with the Honda for now for reliability,parts,proven performance and resale value. Skinny tyres look worse than they are and more than likely can be swapped out for wider ones.
  3. After further reviews and research, probably stay away from Megelli.

    Are the thin small tyres on the CBR125R an issue with road handling and grip??
  4. What is she wanting to use the bike for? Commuting, or weekend rides.

    What is the service intervals on both bikes? Is she going to upgrade in 12 months?

    From point a to b commuting the cbr would be okay, but tops out pretty quick so makes weekend rides slugish.

    The skinny tires arent as bad as they appear, being such a small nimble bike it plays to its advantanges , sure it doesnt have worlds of grip but is often enough.

    I would look at the 250 ninga, as it is a little more refined, and possible go 2nd hand then have it professionally lowered, if your looking at a faired bike.
  5. Build quality = no brainer... The 125 is a god compared to your other choice!
  6. Avoid the Megelli. The sidestand is so incredibly low if you take a left hand corner at a decent pace you can easily come off. Lowering it will only make it even worse.. Why not pick up an older GS500/GPX250 or something proven and much better to ride than either options? (Cheaper too!)
  7. I wouldn't be so quick to put the 125 on the pedestal. Why do you think just about ever other Honda gets a 24 month warranty and the 125 gets 12 months?

    When ridden hard or for long periods at high revs on the highway they really dont like it. Putting around town they are fine, but they are cheap air cooled singles that aren't designed for Australian riding conditions.
  8. Aren't Megellis made in China?

    I owned a Ninja 250R and I still reckon its the best out there. I've also ridden the CBR125 and its just has no power and they depreciate heaps. Don't bother getting a brand new one, you could get a 2nd hand one with low kms for under $3000

  9. Pedestal? ](*,)

    The are both shitters, I just told him which one was the lesser of two shitters.
  10. i managed to knee down on my 125. it cant keep up when riding in straight lines against other bikes but its definitely fast on the corners.
  11. I just bought a megelli and i have great clearances from the side stand.
    Apparently from what my dealer told me is that the youtube review was on the prototype bike in USA. But they rectified that for the Australian Batch.
    Also they use the same switch blocks as Yamaha do. Ive only done a few 100s kms on it but so far im pretty content it looks good, goes well, handles fine! But the most impressive bit for me is that i dropped it on my driveway trying to show off ](*,) and it only cost me $60 to replace the panel! Cheap as china made chips! lol apparently theres like an SE or SP model.
    Which i so regret i should of waited!
  12. Both are utterly shite bikes. Any used naked 250 twin, ZZR, GPX, or Ninja 250.
  13. What about FZR 250's they cheap as chips as well and being a yamaha you can go to wreakers or yamaha and get parts for those no problems. Arhhh my first bike memories
  14. Just an update - We decided to go for a second hand cbr125r for my wife as a first bike. Main reason is that this is what she has been learning on and practicing on and she feels confident on it unlike the others. Once she gets used to this, she will be looking to upgrade to a 250. but for now i think it will suit her fine.

    Thanks for all the feedback and discussion
  15. 100% +1. blew up my gearbox on my old 07 cbr125 after 13000ks(id only done 5000) because i always had to ring the tits off the thing to get anywhere. always up at 9krpm to redline.

    for city commuting, and short trips, itll be fine. for 100km a day, on the freeway or even 80 zones, plus the weekend ride, id go a zzr250 or something with a little more poke.
  16. ahh, just saw the above post. i kept mine for about 3 months, then upgraded. if you only intend to keep it a short period of time, then itll do the job. if someone has never ridden dirtbikes/any motorbike, then the 125 is a good learner bike.
  17. The saddest part of this Megelli thread is that they are up 990% in sales vs this time last year.....

    p.s if you own a megelli, this is definitely not a compliment!
  18. Yeah shes new to riding as am I and not expecting to venture too far or go too fast anytime soon.
  19. Wow 13000 out of a honda, thats not good. My Chinese Sachs Madass has more than that and trust me I don't go easy on it. I have been trying to see how much abuse it can take, trail riding it, burnouts, wheelies, crashing it scraping the pegs. It just went past 15000kms today.

    I was thinking that the little CBR would be a good commuter when I finally kill the Sachs but this is not good. Maybe an isolated case though.
  20. I can not for the life of me work out why Yamaha do not put the wr250r engine into the yzf125