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Megan Fox rides a Aprilia RSV in Transformers ROTF !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. . . . and its hard to distinguish which is the finer chassis !! :grin:

    Anyway . . . this is the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen discussion thread !

  2. will you make her your precious?

  3. They have some Transformer motorbikes (x3), but I'm unaware of their exact models. I know that Arcee is one of them, she remains pink/purple.
  4. i'm puzzled
    the rs125 isn't even available for street-use in the states
    in the land of the big v8, it was deemed too pollutant (plus they don't have a learner bike market there, as far as i'm aware you can buy a ninja for your first bike)

    i was hoping they'd have a Transformer aprilia this time, after the RSV-R's appearance in the last one. i'll settle for bike p0rn though
  5. +1.... that sir, is no RSV, either old (RSV Mille) or new (RSVR) as they both have different nose cone features :)
  6. there is a bike in that shot :shock: yep she is a stunner all right
  7. yeah, me bad !

    I was probably focusing on something else and got distracted.
  8. Well we know there are at least 5 gay guys in netrider.
  9. Nah, just gave new meaning to AUTO-erotica :LOL:
  10. awww, girl crush.

    if only we all looked that hot on bikes. wait, maybe just the girls. guys would look kinda funny.
  11. Are you implying that I would like funny with a tight arse and great rack?
  12. ....can i say yes, cos you're so far away and can't b!tch slap me? :? :wink:
  13. Well, I am coming to Vic a little later in there year, maybe I can give you biatch slaps / spankings oweing then
  14. ATGATT =P~

  15. Her gear is obstructing the possible nudity
  16. well that was a fcuking awesome movie :grin: :grin: :grin:
    just got home from seeing it with the crew.
    explosions, more explosions, transformer noises, megan fox in various hot outfits, and more explosions. love it :grin:
  17. shees, if you want to see her tits justl ook up megan fox nude in google, shots from her upcoming movie.

    Anyway, yes, she's hot.
  18. okay
    but we're STILL going to photoshop a bike in