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Megacycles closing down.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scarfo88, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. I have heard from a reliable source that Ken will be shutting his shop in the comming months. He can't compete with eBay basically, which is a sad thing as he has been in the business for a while.

    I have one on my vtr and love it, gives it soul in a way, always complemented on the sound. So if you were thinking of getting one do it now as you might not be able to in the future.
  2. Oh man, I'm really sad to hear that. Ken makes a great product, and was super nice to deal with when I had mine done. He was a wizard with the welder and it was really amazing to watch him in action.

    I wish him all the best for whatever he decides to do next... And yeah, if anyone out there is thinking about getting a new exhaust, I can't recommend megacycle highly enough.. Sounds like you'd best get in quick.
  3. i got one for my gpz-1000 rx in the late 1990's.
    it was a great exhaust.
    sad to hear this.
    my mate was going to get one for his honda in the next 3 weeks.
    i will have to let him know.
    thanks for the heads up.
  4. I've had a couple of megacycles over the years (currently got a staintune though) and I always found the megacycles well built and well priced and generally they sounded better than the staintunes (I realize this is subjective).

    It's always shame to see good aussie businesses going to the wall due to cheap imports but I can't say I'm surprised, what with the high dollar making imports cheaper and online sales sites making it easier than ever.
  5. :( Sad to hear :(
  6. I wonder if the value of my VTR just went up because its exhaust is now a collector's item? ;) :LOL:
  7. ha I should put the stock back on before I sell it, and hold onto to for a few years
  8. That's really shit. Ken has a wealth of knowledge and was always extremely bloody helpful when asking for advice and also didn't mind a good chat.

    Cheers to Megacycle!
  9. I wonder why he doesn't just open up an e-bay store himself? Or even some sort of online store on his website?

    Surely the only reason can't be because he can't compete with ebay.
  10. Opening an online store isn't as simple as people sometimes make out when you're a small business.

    I'm sure there were a variety of reasons but at the end of the day reduced profit and increased costs are the reason that most businesses shut their doors these days and most of the time it's outside their direct control.

    Cheap imported mufflers (ebay and other online stores) would have contributed to that as would the high aussie dollar pushing metal costs upwards. Increasing government regulation and the time it takes to comply with it wouldn't have helped either.
  11. Even if he sold his stuff on ebay, he wouldn't make much profit. Maybe if he did close the store and worked out of his own home he might have less overhead, but even then it might be hard.

    From what I know, he is making the exhausts...he doesn't buy cheap off the shelf exhausts and sell them at a profit. The labour involved in making an exhaust right to fit isn't an easy task and with ever increasing costs in material, it makes things a little more difficult for the local market. Yes you can get an exhaust off ebay, but the quality may not be the same and since they are made in mass numbers, they can be sold cheaper.

    I got a quote for an exhaust to be made for my VFR400 from Ken, unfortunately even though the price was excellent in comparison to off the shelf items, I can't afford it so opted to reuse the old one. If I had the money, Ken would be the first person I would go to.
  12. Ebay takes 17% or something don't they
  13. Depends how much you made on the item (not including postage). I think there is a cap though and there is a difference between Buy It Now and Auction fees. I haven't sold anything for a while so don't know the exact figures. That's why some items are cheap as chips and have an exorbitant postage price...well that's what used to happen, not sure about these days.

    If you sell internationally, then PayPal take a nice chunk for exchange rate and if you don't have enough in your PayPal account to withdraw, you have to pay a fee to get it out. I usually leave the money in there until I get to the minimum amount without fee.
  14. This sucks to hear, have one on my RVF.... Best end note i've heard on one
  15. sort of good news, I spoke to ken today, as I want to install a power commander and get a mid pipe made up for my bike before he gets rid of his dyno next week, and he said while he will be closing down his factory he may still make and fit pipes from his home, although he still working some things out.
  16. I tried to set up an ebay store selling spare parts last year and after about 2 months of working on the whole thing I realised it was going to be a full time job on its own and more work than I could handle. You'd be amazed how much work goes into an online store.

    PS: sad to see another shop closing. Megacycle were a top outfit. As I've said in other posts on this site the bike game is a very tough industry to be in even when times are good. :-(
  17. I understand that creating an online store isn't easy, or cheap for that matter. But like everything else, if you are serious about what you are doing you pay an expert to set it up. The same way you would if you were to open a shop in the city. You wouldn't make and build your own shop front and point of sale system (unless you have those skills of course). You would pay professionals to set that up for you.

    E2W - I'm not suprised about the ebay store. Running something like that would definitely need a full time person. Especially if you are offering a lot of products. Just the same as running a physical store down the road would. Just because it's online doesn't make it easier. Just different.

    Times are changing and so is the way that people do business. Particularly if retail is involved.

    It is sad to see established brands finish up like this. I just think it's sadder when it's something that can be avoided by progressing with the current trends.
    Just look at what all the whinging about online retailers did for Harvey Norman and Myer. A big ol' nothing ](*,)
    After a couple of years of complaining they decided to finally adapt. Haven't heard them sook for a while so they must be making coin.

    Obvious difference in size here, but the concept still applies.

    Unless they are just tired of what they are doing (which is understandable), I don't buy into the whole online retailers are killing me attitiude. If people buy cheap chinese exhausts, I am willing to bet that they wouldn't be the people paying more for professional jobs in the first place so in reality it's not a lost sale. And if it is a lost sale? Being able to buy your product online gives greater exposure for your product so chances are you will pick up on any lost sales that way anyway.

    This is all just pure speculation on why he is shutting down, but I am just answering the people who said online isn't easy.

    TL;DR - Yes, online isn't easy. But neither is running a regular store. It shouldn't be an excuse.
  18. I was in there today getting a baffle for my pipe due to the pigs annoying me over the sound of mine and yeh it is true, sad but true he is closing up at the end of this month but will do the odd pipe from home if you ask nicely :)
  19. It's not an excuse but you need to realize that running a bricks and mortar store and running an online store are 2 completely different skill sets.

    And just because people have one set doesn't mean they have the other set, or even the skill set to be able to sort through the chaff to find someone else to do it for them.

    It's a huge barrier to entry for the pre-computer skills generations (and yeah I realize that there are exceptions but they ARE exceptions and not the rule).

    Running a business is all about informed risk taking, if one doesn't have the skills and knowledge to estimate the potential risk then one simply shouldn't proceed.
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  20. bottom line....by all accounts he was a top bloke...did awesome work..and he's decided to close up shop - sad to hear...(yes people have mentioned he might do the odd few at home) ...why take this thread any further? he's made his decision, why are people arguing about what he should/can/can't do here?....for all i'm above the border - still, thankyou megacycle's for your service to the riding community *tips hat*