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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mikkey, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. When I replaced my Vstrom 650 K5 with a new K8, I found it was difficult to find a reasonable priced after market exhaust. My K5 had a Staintune, but with the K7 onwards you need a full system at the cost of about $1000 plus installation.

    With my new K8 - the first thing I noticed was the awful sound of the stock exhaust and the difference in throttle response to my K5.

    So I did some research to find a cheaper alternative. I ended up with MegaCycle in Keysborough who are exhaust specialist and more then happy to supply a custom made exhaust. So today I picked up the bike with a new exhaust installed - for the small sum of $500 incl. GST.

    The exhaust looks great - has a similar shape to the Staintune, but more oval / narrow - so it looks really great. And the sound...... :cool: ..very potent. I like the way Ken the owner asked me how loud I wanted it (i.e. its really custom made) and gave me an insert home if I want to tone it down a bit.
    On the way home on Eastlink I could not wipe the grin off my face - its not just the sound but also a huge improvement in throttle response.

    So if you need a new pipe and live in Vic - I recommend you give Ken a call.
  2. Ken's well known to the racing community and is absolutely the bloke to speak to if you want an exhaust.
  3. Ken is a dood!!!!

    He knocked me up a set of inner perf tubes for the yoshis that were on the storm.

    emmuch???? make it $50 each....SOLD!!!

    The bike sounded awesome.
  4. I wouldn't buy an exhaust off anyone else.
  5. i have had 2 shorty cans custom made by ken and have always found him to be very proffesional and quick in making the orders. High marks for him and his crew. :cool:
  6. Just up the road from me ... I've heard nothing but good reports about his work.
  7. Got one of Ken's pipes on my Sprint RS & very happy with it. Also have one on my road-race sidecar. :grin:
  8. We had an exhaust put on Jay's KLR last month and it sounds so good I'll be getting one for Brutto in the next month or so! (I miss the noise....a mosquito just doesn't cut it for me :shock: :LOL: )
  9. Yeah, Stormtrooper had a MegaCycle put on the VTR250 before i bought it, and my golly gosh, mint sound and it looks great.