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Megacycle Slip-on

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by dan_g, Apr 13, 2009.

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    I recently installed a Megacycle slip-on on my 07 CBR600RR.
    For those who haven't heard of Megacycle before, they are based in Keysborough/Victoria. Ask for Mr Ken Onus.

    I had it installed for under $600. The quality is great, and Ken was very informative. Compared to other brands costing beyond $1K, I found megacycle better value for money.

    The sound is smooth/deep at lower rpm, and screams as the revs gets past 10,000 rpm.
    I've uploaded some videos on youtube.


  2. hah good one
    with that second video, i bet your neighbours hate you :p
  4. If your bike gets stolen just have a look in your neighbour’s garage.
  5. This.
  6. Nice one mate.

    I am looking at one of these for my 929. Good to hear that its quality work and nice sound.
  7. Nice sounding pipes......... Neighbours love loud pipes, its like neighbourhood watch except better :LOL:
  8. sounds great

    man your neighbours - well hope there bike enthuisiasts :)
  9. The megacycle is awesome, makes my vtr250 sound like a ducati on steroids...

    I love the sounds of the birds in the second video, only to be shattered by the scream of a cbr :)
  10. He's a big boy.
    He can wear what he wants.

    Choice of protective gear is one of the few risks you can allow a rider to take that guarantees any consequences due in their entirety.
  11. i know that, but i feel better for pointing it out :)

    so 1 day i can tell the same person "i told ya so" when they come here and cry about it
  12. Oh.


    How noble of you...
  13. Don't forget to tell him to eat his veggies and brush his teeth before bed. :roll:
  14. leave it to the mod to tell them to stay on topic eh!
  15. Nice Nice Very nice. . . . .

    Sounds hot! Love the sound at idol . . . . .
  16. I really really want the 2bro can for mine, but I think I will need to seriously think about the megacycle.

    every time I want to settle on another brand I only have to go back to a clip of the 2bro and I will tell myself to wait for it
  17. Boring....
  18. I had a 2brothers on my gpx and its awesome........ the megacycle sounds good but 2bros well worth the wait.
  19. Just step into here and order one mate :) www.morepowerracing.com
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    :LOL: Joel.
    I reckon it sounds great. I was gonna get a megacycle can 2 weeks ago, but alas spent my $$ on a set of tyres instead.
    In the interim, I performed a Bafflectomy on the H6.

    Will have to do until I can afford a new can