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"MegaCycle" Keysborough, Vic. 3173

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Moff, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Last friday I took my Ninja to Megacycle in Keysborough. I was expecting a big difference in sound, and I got it.

    $380 got me an Aluminium Exhaust, fitted and everything. Best $380 I've ever spent. It doesnt sound like a 250 anymore.

    I'd recommend these guys to everyone and anyone.

    Another great thing is that its an aussie owned aussie run company!


  2. What were the options you had for exhausts for the 250r?

    Not saying I'd need to spend extra or anything, just wanted to know if there were Titanium and other sorts on offer.

    Like most, I've only heard good things, I might drop it sometime next week. How long did it take for them to whip one up?
  3. ken is a good mate of mine (happens to be my bosses good mate aswell dating back 30+ yrs) anyways, i can say yuep he truely is a champ, i got a carbon fiber one done. his got heaps of materials to choose from.

    top marks for Megacycles. maybe if ur lucky u might catch me in there one day on his dyno with my 250r
  4. Megacycle

    I run Ken's mufflers on my Triumph Sprint RS & my roadrace sidecar.
    Very helpful everytime! :cool:
  5. I run a Megacycle on my CBR and on Hamish's R1 and am extremley happy with them. And they are pretty sexy looking too :grin:
  6. Ken at Megacycle makes everything I ever need in the way of exhausts, I would never consider going anywhere else, sometimes people in the industry that do not rip us off and offer awesome service should be supported.

    I wear my Megacycle sticker on my bike with pride; to support a great bloke. Sure you can wear your Acropovic or Yoshi coz you think it's fashionable, if you wear a Megacycle sticker, I see you as someone with common-sense.
  7. Thumbs up here too, did an excellent job (and well priced) on the spada.
  8. Yeah, thumbs up for Megacycle from me too.
    The mufflers are really well made, and repackable so last as long as the bike.

    They're all hand made in Keysbourgh.

    I don't know if there is anywhere else you could get a high quality custom handmade muffler for the same price as a Megacycle.
  9. Well I'm sold!

    I think I'll be heading down to keysborough to fit out the VTR250 :grin:

    'loud enough to wake every neighbour and his dog please' :twisted:
  10. ditto, anyone know how much one is for the vtr250?
  11. Hey,

    I emailed him just tonight for a quote on different materials etc.

    I'll help a fellow kiwi out and let you know my findings :)

    Also, What do people think of a short pipe on a vtr250?
  12. I threw my stock muffler out on the street for council clean up when i heard how much better my bike sounded with a Megacycle exhaust.. definately recommended!
  13. so would you guys go to megacycle rather than putting an akrapovic or twin bros exhaust on your bike?

    Will kens full exhaust systems get the same sort of performance increases as the akrapovic, twin bros exhausts or yoshi exhausts?

  14. A non stock unbaffled exhaust will help the engine breathe better and as a result will increase performance in any engine. The tune and other factors also play a part.
    Just don't expect too much if it's a 250.
    Why pay shitloads for akrapovic or 2 bros when the megacycle can can do the same at half the cost and is locally made?
  15. arc has a carbon fibre Akropovic on his 250 ninja.

  16. Yeh thats exactly right. Im in the process of looking for an exhaust atm. Obviously been looking for an akrapovic but if i can go to a locally made shop and get an exhaust there for half the price it sounds like a good option as long as i will get a similar result to the akraprovic. Im not expecting massive power gains from any exhaust i realise you need to get extra mods before talking massive power gains. Just looking to make it a ALOTTT louder and get power improvement as well. Only reason i was looking at the akraprovic is coz its what everyone seems to say to get. If the megacycle exhaust is just as good as that then i may as well get it for a third of the price!
  17. i just got my new Mufflers from Ken at Megacycle.

    i have a Ducati Monster 400 so paying ducati for a set of Tami's was going to cost me a fortune. the megacycle's sound fantastic. cost me 1K for the pair. the getup and go is a little better as well.

    highly recommend.
  18. I can't speak highly enough of Ken and Megacycle like everyone else!
    Ken fit me up with a nice & noisy pipe for my old CBR250, he was a pleasure to deal with from my initial inquiry right through to after sales support :grin:
    I was in & out in no time & was glad to get rid of the the sewing machine sound & wish I had got rid of sooner!
    10/10 for price, service, support + Aussie made & owned (y)
  19. Got to agree with everyone else here. The Megacycles on the TRX sound great, are half the weight and done while-I-waited. Great price & great service. 10/10.