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Megacycle Exhaust - Round vs Oval ?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. The time has come for me to put hand into pocket and shell out for a decent can. Looking at ordering a Megacycle polished alloy item.
    I do have a question however.
    Oval vs Round.
    I have heard that the oval system has a distinctly different note and does a better job directing gases/improves scavenging/back pressure.
    Fact or Fantasy ?
    I spoke to ken regarding the diff between the two, he tells me that other than cosmetic .. not much at all. Then again he did just get back from interstate 30 min b4 my call, so he may not had to time to elaborate.

    Looking to order today, hopefully be fitted next week.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. I think there's a pretty good chance Ken's on the money......he's done an exhaust or two in his time :)
  3. I put an oval can on the gxsr
    Ken knows what hes on about
    so go with what you tink looks best
  4. round is ghey

    go oval :)
  5. What's the point of putting a round can on... looks like a stocky from 10 years ago.

    Go for the oval can!
  6. I just had an oval megacycle can put on my rvf 400 and not only does it look amazing the sound it gives is fantastic, i'm getting compliments on it all the time. As far as circle vs oval and one being better I think it only comes down to personal chioce on what you like
  7. Just rang Ken and booked it for an oval alloy. Dropped the bike off not 30 min ago. Be ready in about 3-4 hrs he tells me :shock:
    Talk about service eh ...
    Oh .. got it at mate's rates too . ( Thanks Phil !! ).. sorry can't tell ya what I'm paying :-$
    Cannot wait to pick her up .. feel like a kid the night before Christmas :p
  8. Yeah, Ken is good that way - I just rocked up one day with no warning and he cut down and fitted it on the day... and at a Very good price ;)

    You will be very pleased!
  9. I'm sure I will be :)
    Wife cannot understand my excitement however :?

    "Oh a new exhaust ??? that's nice ( sarcasm ) , ... " :roll:
  10. All you need now is some earplugs :LOL:
  11. looks good, no doubt sounds better!
  12. That looks great!

    I better not show the VFR. It will want one too!

  13. Just got home from work ..
    The difference is definitely noticeable, the lesson I learnt was invaluable.
    A little while ago, I performed a bafflectomy on the H6.
    My reason for this was due to the bike being so quiet, I thought I was not heard in traffic. After a while I had noticed what I felt was a slight drop in power (low-midrange). Engine braking didn't seem the same, I almost begun to think the clutch was slipping.
    I now suspect that removing the baffle from the standard Honda can was the cause. Perhaps I had effectively dropped the required back-pressure the engine needed to run efficiently. Pretty STUPID of me, You'd reckon after building engines for the past 25 years I'd know better eh ..

    You were dead right Paul ( Hornet ), I should not have fcuked around with what Honda spent thousands developing.

    Oh well, I'm just glad the H6 is running as well, if not better, as it used to.

    Thanks again Ken !!