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Megacycle can add on to vtr250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jmoore, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Hi all

    I have just bought myself a honda vtr 250 and want to change the stock exhaust to a megacycle can. I would appreciate a few instructions on how to do this. It looks like you just need to cut the old exhaust off at the weld but I am not 100%sure

    Any advice would be much appreciated


  2. Just ride the bike to Megacycle ask for ken, tell him what size/shape can u want, and he will cut and fit whatever you want. He can do slip on or bolt on
  3. That's going to be a long ride from Western Sydney.
  4. Yes it would... but worth it!

    Hah - didn't notice your location...
  5. If that is the case get Megacycle to post the can to you, ride to your local motorcycle shop and get them to put it on or alternatively ride to Staintune who is local to you and get them to do it.
  6. Dude, if you do the swap with the guy i put you in touch with, there will be no sawing involved. you will swap entire exhaust from the headers.
  7. kk ..... am a totally new to this only got my bike and licence last week !!

    thanks for the info
  8. No dramas. The guy who called you is my employee, he's pretty mechanically minded. You're getting such a good bloody deal.
  9. yep... thank him again for me !!!
  10. Yeah hes told me today that you had come all the way to his joint! Verrrrryy lucky boy, you are! Sounds a little bit p0rn, eh?
  11. So show us the pics.
  12. I love my megacycle can. Grats dude.
  13. I had a Megacycle on my VT250 Spada. For a 250 it had a great note...enjoy!