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Megacycle - Australias BEST motorcycle exhaust

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by SV Boxer, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. :D If u have a v-twin, these guys will make it ROAR!!!

    Megacycle mufflers are all Australian made and owned, and they cost a fraction of what Remus or Yoshimura are going for.

    How does $600 fitted for a carbon fibre muffler sound?

    This is now what I have on my SV650S, and it's a whole new bike. The arse end is heaps lighter and the sound is to die for.

    I am one VERY happy customer and I recommend them to any rider

    :shock: Check them out at www.megacycle.com.au
  2. I remember when a girlfriend rented a Monster from Garner's and we went riding. It had the Megacycle exhaust cans and it was 'kin raucous compared to my mellow fellow Termis. :LOL:
  3. Ken does do a great can. Prices are brilliant too.
    There was another mob in Preston that did cans too, they were cheap and sounded good but the build quality was reported as not being as good and Ken's cans.

    However, for me, only a YOSHI will do.
  4. Go Staintune!!!
  5. On an SV I still recommend Madaz for the best sound, but then I heard the megacycle cans on a VTR 250 which did improve the sound a little.
  6. :roll: Well, u ARE talking about a 250 there.

    I can GUARANTEE that Megacycles are awesome on an SV, both the 650 and the 1000. My bike sounded sweet as going down the Burnley tunnel today, and at a recent SVDownUnder maintainance day one of the 1000's there was LOUD as! U could hear him WAAAAAY down the street.

    If u ever want to wake up the oldies at a retirement village this can will definately do the trick!!! :twisted:
  7. Im a yoshi man, but also love staintunes.
  8. Would that be Black Samba youre thinking of? i think they are somewhere around there. I was going to get a carbon muffler for the NSR from them. $200 which aint to shabby.
  9. Nah, it was "Something Engineering: I think.
  10. I think you might be talking about OMRAE... they used to be in preston, I had a muffler from them on my Bandit... they specialised in 'loud' :)

    As for Megacycle they are good pipes but I have 3 bikes and they don't make pipes for any of them :(