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MEGA RAGE - Cub killed for liking people

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kernel, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. OMFG. This is the most screwed up stuff I have ever heard of. Why the hell would you kill a bear cub for being friendly towards humans? Because it might grow up and start killing people? Pure and sensible logic there, my friends (not)!!!


    Poor bear :'(
  2. Better off being euthanised than have some sick twisted ****s put arrows through it like they did to that kangaroo in over here.

    Reading that article though it makes sense to me. People get blindsided by the fact that its small.
  3. hmm true that is one way of looking at it
  4. ideally they'd euthanise the people that keep feeding the bears.
    but it learned from it's mother, people = food.
    it would become very brazen when grown and food is scarce in winter.
  5. I've worked with a bloke on and off over the last few years who did a stint on the Ski Patrol over there. If they poke around town they get caught and taken a ways out of town. If they return, they get snuffed. Over the years they've learnt in those parts that this sort of behaviour leads to trouble, so they do what they can to try to avoid putting them down, and they've got a pretty good handle now on how much they can do before it's not going to solve the issue and they have to resort to this. They get no joy from having to, which makes it all the more harder when tourists ignore what they're told not to do for the sake of those same bears.

    That's the logic of it as it was explained to me.

    Somewhat similar is tourists here up North ignoring warnings and signs about what not to do where there are (or are likely to be) Crocs.
  6. Even more similar is the plight of the dingoes on Fraser Island.
  7. http://www.thisistrue.com/blog-bear_country.html

  8. If you raised a bear with humans from birth, without other bears around, will it be nice and tame when it's grown up? Or will it still try to maul everything that moves? I'd totally have a pet bear...I'd teach it to play xbox
  9. who knows
  10. They called it a traffic hazard, I think it's the traffic that's a hazard...

    They could have found another solution.
  11. Siegfried and Roy know.
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  13. Depends a lot on whether its a Black Bear or a Bronwyn Bear -