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Meeting with Attorney General

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MrOkimura, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    We have been chipping away at the doors of Government.

    We have a meeting this Tuesday, 23rd November 2004 with the Attorney Generals Department. Michael Czajka will put forward our policy document for vulnerable road users.

    Tom Lording, father of Geoff Lording the rider who's life was taken, will place in their hands a impact statement from the family. This has been penned by Geoff's sister, Debbie McMellen. This will be posted on the forum shortly along with a poem she too has written.

    I too will attend and support Tom and Michael at this meeting. This meeting was not easy to obtain; however may I say I see it as very important to the motorcycling community and a step in the right direction for us all.

    regards Dale Maggs

  2. Direct copy of an email to the MRA Forum by Michael Czajka.

    Dale, Michael C & Tom (father of the rider who died recently) met with the Attorney Generals Office yesterday. Fiona Hayes Chief of Staff represented the Attorney General.

    Under discussion was the recent fatality in which a woman was allowed to continue driving after killing a rider.

    The meeting was originally scheduled for 30 min but went for around 90 minutes.

    Tom put the injustice of a driver being able to drive after killing someone (pre-hearing).

    We put the point about drivers being fined small amounts and retaining their licenses after killing someone (court case).

    The Attorney Generals office explained that they already has an extensive proposal to toughen the penalties for drivers who kill other road users (penalties).

    The MRA suggested that the process be:
    1) Loss of license
    2) Retraining
    3) Retesting
    4) Community service

    Our suggestions fill the void between Tom's and the Attorney Generals suggestions.

    If our suggestions are accepted nobody could walk out of court any more with just a fine.

    Nb. There was no proposal for impact statements because they already

    The meeting went very well. Dale did an excellent job pointing out that the loss of license is automatic in many other types of industry while an accident is being investigated (showing that a precedent existed for such action).

    Our suggestions were based on the MRA's "Appropriate Penalties" policy. The policy is in the newsletter that we are packing tonight.
    It has been widely disseminated for comment over the past year and the families of both 2002 & 2003 fatalities (failure to give way) had input into it. We expect the policy to be tabled at the next QGM.

    We were also able to put a few other issues to the Attorney General eg. $50 levy Nb. Rob Hulls is also Minister for TAC. We asked for the removal of the $50 levy.

    We also proposed the long standing MRA policy of 50cc scooters (the road registrable ones) on car licenses as a way of addressing the Monkey Bike issue (the monkey bikes would not meet the criteria required for road use).

    We pointed out that 4 other states already had such laws without adverse consequences.

    Dale asked for continuing regular meetings to keep us in the loop.

    More detail will be available at the upcoming QGM or the next Advocacy meeting.

    MRA Road Safety & Research Officer
  3. Congrats to all involved 8)