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Meeting new people all the time...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tmg, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. It's amazing how easily you just "run-in" to other riders. Like today, I had just about finished work, and I walked outside to put out some trash and there was a guy with a brand new Blue and White GSX-R600.

    I walked over to him after I'd binned the rubbish and had a bit of a yarn about his bike, and pointed out my black weapon which was positioned a few parking spaces away, waiting for me. :grin:

    By the time I'd finished work, he'd finished doing what he was doing, and was walking back to his bike when I walked out and headed over to mine. I offered to ride with him, as he said he was heading the same way as me, so that's what I did.

    I didn't get his details, so I could meet up with him and go for a blat again, but I did tell him about this site! So maybe I'll see him on here sometime soon, but man it'd be great to get him into the riding group I have with myself and two other mates, as then all we'd need to complete the supersport 4, would be a brand new Honda CBR600RR...

    Life on a bike is so sweet :grin:

  2. It is spelt "Meeting".

    Spelling it meating just makes you sound like a dirty pervert. :LOL:
  3. :LOL::LOL: Changed....ya funny bugger I was :rofl: when I read that.
  4. It sure is! 2 wheels are so much better then 4! :grin:
  5. and all I need now is a nice chick to be my pillion :grin: :LOL:
  6. Its amazing how wherever you stop if there are bikes you always say hi, or have a chat. Met 2 great blokes today at kinglake.. Chatted for about half hour then we were on our way..

    The 2 wheel world is amazing.. I have met so many people, and some of them are now my closest friends.. :grin:
  7. Bike people sure appear more friendly and approachable than car people
  8. Yeah I've met some pretty sweet people! *raises her glass*

    Not any best friends or whatever yet, but it's only been a short time :) Hope to meet heaps more people and go out riding lots more!!

    I'd like to get to know a few people much better than I currently do.
  9. Was down in Augusta on the bikes last weekend. Having breakfast and a young couple on a Sprint ST came in. Have to admit I was, for a brief minute, jealous. He was tall, athletic, good looking -- and young. She was beautiful, tall, athletic -- and young. Did I mention they were young? :wink: (Late 20s, early 30s??) They saw our gear and nodded and smiled, said hello the way that bike people seem to do everywhere.

    Thirty minutes later, on Caves Road, they passed a car and our three bikes, over the double white lines, at (I estimate) 40 km/h over the posted limit -- and Caves Road is NOT a road to do that sort of thing on.

    Sad, really.
  10. seen this bloke on a blue cagiva raptor 650 on my way up to newcastle just past wyong on the pacfic hwy one day, played cat and mouse with him the whole way up, when we got to the lights we would have a quick chat and stuff, made my day
  11. ^^ True that - Bikepeople way more friendly - less stupid,

    not making a generalisation, it has just been my experience.
  12. You havent met me yet.

    How's it hangin'. My names Andrew.

    There thats better, now we are mates.

    When I come up there this year we'll catch up and talk about the good old days. Catch ya later mate.