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Meeting cops with a sense of humour !! - funny !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, May 23, 2007.

  1. I was sitting at a set of red lights this afternoon with a NSW general duties cop car next to me. Inside were two male constables.

    It was a 4-way intersection and the right hand turn arrow lights turn to amber, as the opposite lane was to turn green to allow traffic forward.

    As the lights turn RED, this Toyota Dyna mini-dumper truck screams through the intersection and makes the right hand turn under red lights. It was quite an effort since those things don't corner well.

    I look at the coppers next to me and signal to them, and say with my visor open - "what are you going to do about that ????" :shock:

    The dude in the passenger seat says . . . "nah, too quick, won't be able to chase him" . . all with a grin on his face !!! :eek:

    Then get this . . . . he says afterwards . . .
    " . . .but if you floor it when these lights turn green, we'll nab ya !!"

    Geeeez, cops aren't all that stuck up after all. :grin:

    And last week, I lane splitted past two Highway Patrol cars (two separate mornings), and in one instance, when i got up to the front of the queue I stopped next to one of them. They did not even blink an eye ! Just looked at me and drove off.

    Cops are tops around my neck of the woods !!
  2. Did you politely inform the officer that we riders "twist" rather than "floor" it?
  3. yeah, I split past a paddy wagon this week - they didn't go the chase either ;)

    BTW I've been hanging out at Ipswich cop shop this week getting my fingerprints taken for a record check for teacher registration and have found the officers universally friendly and professional
  4. I'm always unsure whether to split past police cars/bikes.....
  5. I got pulled over for not wearing a helmet and they were cool about it they said its either gonna be a open casket or a closed casket which neither would bother them.
  6. If you took off with a race style start I bet they would've laughed their asses off and not done a damn thing. See , they were'nt traffic cops , those Highway guys are the real cnuts , nowadays anyway...
  7. Nah better yet say "i'll race ya" load up the tacho, lights go green and then stall the bike.
  8. hey dude, the first morning, i was splitting about 100m worth of traffic and when i got up to the front it was a fully marked XR6 Turbo Hwy Patrol Car ! :eek:
    My stomach notched up thinking faaark, this is it . . . so i put my indicator on to minimise any charges he may lay on me and putted along at 5km/h instead of doing the 50km/h ---> stoppie routine ! (yeah right) :grin:

    He totally ignored me when the lights turned green !

    The following morning was the same.
    Putting along and second car from the front was fully marked SS Commodore. My stomach notched up again, then again . . he ignored me.

    The funny thing happen at the next set of lights. The cop car indicates to turn right at the next intersection, and as the lights turn green, I hear this big bore parallel twin floor it along side . . . . it was MarvinTheMartian on his TDM900 ! :eek: . . . . it took me 30mins to get to work that morning ! . . . and Greg can't lane split his tank ! :p
  9. Cops are often ok here in Canberra too, I think there's a higher standard to get in cause they're federal. Helps eliminate some of the dead shits who got picked on at school :grin:
  10. Traffic backed up in South Rd this morning, and I'm stuck in the queue driving the Little Brown Bus.
    Speedie Plod zips past us all in the left of the lefthand lane, I guess its OK 'cos he rides Bimmer. :wink:
  11. They tend not to care as long as your not an idiot about it.
  12. Worst/funniest encounter I've had was at a well knowm make out location a year or two back. The missus at the time was leaning across the centre console "looking after" me while I was sitting in the driver's seat... cars were passing but no one was stopping so it was all good. This one car rolls past slow as, next thing I know - BAM! Spotlight lights up the car like a christmas tree, I look to my right like a Deer in headlights and the cops (full car) just start cacking it as they dump it and speed off. :oops: :oops:

    We laughed our heads off afterwards.
  13. bad cop story -

    on the weekend these coppers told my gf and my sister "you shouldn't be dating those boys they have a bad history and terrible attitude". at the time i thought fair enough, i know where they are coming from. but now that piggy is constantly calling my gf!!! f'n sleaze
  14. Last friday me and some mates were going through the backstreets of chullora. One of them was low on fuel, so intead of the 40kms over with the front wheel in the air, it was a cruisy 20 kms over with the racing line through the roundabouts.
    Anyhow, we stop at the last set of lights, the three of us lines up, and this highway patrol car comes outta nowhere from behind us and pulls across us at the lights. He leans at the window and screems "What the f*ck are you doing, slow the f*ck down." He then asked us each individually if we liked our licences, and when he'd received all three nods he screemed again "Then slow the f*ck down." Lol, i dunno what he thaught we were doing but obviously he didn't get us for it. :grin:
  15. When the cop with the laser pulls you over and says,
    "I've been waiting for you all day"
    Come back with,
    "Well i got here as fast as i could!"


    "Why were you speeding?"
    "Cos i didn't see you there"


    "Why were you speeding?"
    "I'm running late for the Policeman's Ball"
    "Policeman don't have Balls......."

    Not all highway and TMU are bastards btw, i know a few good ones and they are usually car/ bike enthusiasts as well.
  16. An oldie but a goodie.....

    "Why were you speeding?"

    "My ex-wife ran off with a copper and I thought you were bringing her back!"
  17. then...

    and then...

    I don't know mate maybe its just me, but I dont see anything good about cops completely ignoring people running red lights just because they cant be bothered chasing them.
  18. WTF were you thinking?
  19. heh heh, I got pulled up a few weeks ago by the cops. After a nice general chat about bikes for 30 mins or so, one of them borrowed my bike and took if for a spin. Unfortunately, they wouldn't return the favor and let me drive their van!