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Meet Vester my new Honda VTR250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Raie, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Finally I got it! Got my licence last weekend and put the deposit down on the same day... then got it picked up yesterday (Saturday).

    Nothing fancy as it is a LAMs bike but hopefully I will be able to make a few nice modifications to it over the life of the bike. I named it Vester after my black & white cat cause he's awesome, handsome, and purrsss.

    This photo was taken under a green cover so it looks a bit green. I have already done around 50kms on it in the last 2 days and doing well :) have had a few close moments to almost about to drop it, but luckily still haven't.


    and the original vester (sylvester)
  2. Very nice bike there, Raie, looks in great condition, happy riding, and congratulations!!
  3. congrats Raie, was good seeing u and your bf today, did he pick the bike up??

    get as many oggy/crash/sliders knobs asap, for the front wheel, rear wheel, engine mount, bar ends and so on, so incase u do a slow speed or stationary drop, your perfectly new body work will be saved
  4. Nice shiny bike and congrats on the purchase.
  5. Thanks all :)

    Yes he picked it up yesterday and we went for a ride for around 2h. I have a sore left wrist and neck - only slightly but it is enough to notice. Time to strengthen those neck muscles.

    I didn't even know you can get crash knobs for the wheels. My main problem is dropping it to the right. I haven't had any almost about to drop it to the left moment (since the learner course). It is always almost drop it to the right especially when about to turn right. I'm sure no knobs will protect my exhaust unless I get them crash bars that goes right around.
  6. Oh that is because it is brand new heh
  7. Yep, that could explain the mint condition! :) :)
  8. Grats Raie, hope you have many hours of joyful riding :)
    We'll be seeing both you and your BF at homebush soon
  9. Yay its a twin of myself and the miss's bikes :), too bad your not in melbourne, 3 identical black vtr's going past a cafe at 10 second intervals would be a pretty fun way to make people blink and look again.
  10. Great bike by the way! your gonna have some fun with it, had mine for 4 months and Im still not quite reaching the potential that I could wring out of these zippy little bikes.
    Just when you think your doing pretty alright you find another little trick to go even faster and smoother.
    Great confidence inspiring bikes.

  11. perfect signs of being nervous, gripping to tight and not sitting in relaxed position, understandable to new riders but dont let it become a habit
  12. i am hoping i won't grow out of this bike for a long while.. which is another reason i bought it new. even if i want a faster more powerful bike when i get off my LAMs in 1.5 years, i hope that i keep this for commuting... i do hope i build confidence on them - they have a good riding position and i am able to relax when going around left and going straight. i am struggling to relax when turning right though (taking off from stationary position) even if i consciously think to myself to clamp those thighs and relax those arms... still right turning very wide... which might explain the sore wrist too. neck is not too bad now, we were only going around left for about 1.5 hours so that might also explain the pain... only spent last half hour on right turns..
  13. youll have to get used to the right turns cause the u-turn box is turning right
  14. Nice looking bike!!
  15. Nice bike Raie...well done!!
  16. And round abouts .....
  17. ...and right hand turns...

    8-[ :bolt:
  18. Congrats on the new bike! VTRs are good fun to learn on and ride; very lightweight, quite capable on twisty roads the relatively strong midrange (for a 250) makes them easy to ride. If I wasn't so tall I might have kept my 2000ish one longer.

    I actually disagree a bit with Goz regarding the need for frame sliders on the VTR250. For any other bike, fo' sho', but it's been my experience that the VTR's engine, frame and fueltank are too narrow to be damaged in low-speed drops. The muffler, pegs, levers and (sometimes) duck-tail are all fair game though, but aside from the muffler those are all (relatively) cheap to replace. :)
  19. A few more photos:


    Vester vs Vester!

    This is my boyfriend's (intrasonic on the forums):


    And a group shot:

    His one needs a good clean on the weekend. I also got my rim tape in the mail so looking forward to putting that on my rims this weekend as well :D