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Meet SID

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Kitt, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. What more can I say

    An awesome Learner friendly bike :twisted:


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  2. Wow, S. Very tidy... I've been wondering what you were going to trade up to.

    How do you find it?
  3. Up the mighty GS! Good choice. I regret selling mine, even if it did feel like a bmx powered by a rubber band motor after i got used to my trumpy. Really wish I still had it.
  4. So far so good T .. A lot taller then little V .. but after just playing on it for 11 kms ..I luv it * huge grin * the color is awesome too ... I thought it was just a shiny black .. but it has blue flecs through it ...
  5. CONGRATS!!!! :grin: ... looks FAB!!!

    ....Wishing you lots of happy and safe times together :woot:
  6. beautiful condition and always a trusty steed. well done
  7. That's in really good nic, looks great. :)
  8. looks like a nice ride :)
  9. LOL, It should look good , he's BRAND spanking new !!!
  10. Has anyone noticed the irony of the pic, that the ute's rego is 'HRC' and the bikes a Suzuki lol :-$

    So went anf bought a brand new one then... hope you keep it for a while
  11. Oh it's 2 stores in one .. :roll: ... Advantage Honda on one side , Team one Suzuki on the other .. LOL

    And the bike was only a grand more then a 2yr old second hand one with no warranty etc ... and insurance for me was great ... So I thought .. stuff it !!
  12. Superbly Individual Device??? :LOL:
  13. LOL .. ummmmm not quite why he's called SID ...

    But not a bad effort on a guess !!
  14. Extra marks for getting a naked. Much enjoyment lies ahead, no doubt.
  15. man i would love to give that thing a fang, bet it goes well round redline ......
    (actually i would love to give any bike a fang ..... bring it on .... hereby offering testrides on all your bikes .....)
  16. Ummmmmmmmmmm :tantrum: NFWIH ... :D
  17. nice bike, best of luck with it.