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meet berryl

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by oz_johnno, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. ladies and gents, meet berryl


    shes my dads 86 bmw r65, which he left to me when he died on wednesday

    bugger of a way to get bike huh ?

    Dad only came to motorcycling late in life after he retired, but he enjoyed it immensely and was a keen member of the hobart ulysses club.

    Im going to breakfast with the ulysses club this morning before heading out with them for a ride

    blue skies and dry twisty roads forever mate

  2. Two things here sorry for your loss and it is a bugger of a way to get a bike.
    Ride and remember your dad.
  3. Agree....

    You have one special way to remember him any time you want doing that same thing you both loved on the bike that was him.........

  4. Sorry to hear of your loss oz_johnno. The bike is a tangible reminder of your father though and his joy for life. Good to see he never joined the beige brigade, a lesson for us all. All the best.
  5. My Condolences OZ

    Amen to that Brother.

    All the best mate
  6. I guess it was good you had him with you for so long; my dear father passed away 3 months before my 21st birthday, leaving only a wonderful library and many precious memories

    TonyE is an R65 person, and I know of one other Netrider lurker who also owns the same bike......

    {I can't see your picture, just a red X}
  7. sorry bout the pics folks here she is


    Sunday was tough, all dads riding mates coming up to me to offer condolences.... good ride though, she handles really well

    Yesterday was harder, I led dads escort of about a dozen bikes to the crematorium, where I presented Marley (dads girlfriend who also rides) with his riding vest.

  8. *gulp*
    Such a difficult time but it seems as if he made a lot of good friends the short time he was riding.
  9. Condolences mate.

    Looks like your dad took good care of her.

    Take care.
  10. Sorry for your loss. Nice way to remember the good times.
  11. yeah it will be good, dad and I only rode together once therough the dandynongs
    but it was a good time.

    I will probably go and pick her up next month.....