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medium user saying hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by unknorm, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Well I finally will decide to say an official "hi". I live with a NR, moved in semi recently because of relationship troubles and he was kind enough to let me stay here for a bit. We discussed I shouldn't mention I lived here for some reasons that are not needed to be mentioned here but anyway we've talked about it and I will officially state the affairs :)

    I live with Wazza (Undii), moved to Melbourne a few years back, had an ex girlfriend who lets say caused trouble and I was evicted from my place. Wazza was kind enough to let me move in and as a bonus I can help him when his "Gimpyness" needs some help and it helps lighten his girlfriends workload. So... Hi all. Occasionally he posts under this because it's a hassle to log out and log back in under a new nick name as we have a network of computers here that we share.

    My job stats, I clean high rise windows so I get to absail daily and it is awesome fun. I get to work at various hours and spend a fair bit of time not working because being paid good money "for risk - safety" gives me the freedom not to be stuck in a 9-5 job :grin:. Also share computer interests but Wazza is the one who posts most of the questions/answers from this account as mentioned before due to log in/log out stuff. So if you see us post from same I.P that's why, no big conspiracy there, just a couple people using the same computers.

    So that's me! A Belated HELLO! :grin:

    Also forgot to add! My nickname is short for uncle normal. An in joke from work as some people talking to us while we are up on buildings asking what we do and I like to say "I'm just an uncle of (next door) and cleaning the windows like anyone normal does" and "Uncle Normal" is now what I get called at work..
  2. official "hi" back!!!!!

    i need a new and [underline]challenging[/underline] job. I've been too slack to do a resume lately so have been bored as hell.
    I love absailing, I'm sure I can learn to clean better!!!! I'm S#!t scared of heights but i do heaps of things i'm scared of because it excites me. give me a job.

  3. Well, it's nice to know that wazza is not just having someone around to help him, but that that person is a Netrider into the bargain......

    and everyone needs a kind uncle....
  4. Welcome to NR unknorm :grin:
  5. A very official 'welcome' from me too :grin:

    *I used to read your username as meaning un-normal :oops:

  6. That pretty much fits the "Uncle Normal" nickname, un-normal is I :wink: :LOL: Not too many 'window washers' who absail for their job also twilight as a computer repairer :)
  7. Welcome Unc

    So you don't ride, soon will, or just the social thing

    Stay safe on those airborne scaffolds and surely you've got a story or three to tell about what you've seen :wink:
  8. Welcome! Loved your intro story. Sit down and enjoy :)