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Medium sized cruiser

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Humby66, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. My restricted licence will be coming to term soon, and after happily riding around in a Virago 250 I am looking for a mid-sized cruiser to fit the bill.

    Being only 5'4", I would be interested in some feedback from other riders of similar stature regarding buying a mid-sized cruiser (650-900 cc).

    What rides are about that they felt comfortable with, what mods have been made, etc.

    Right now, I am leaning at a threeway split between a Yamaha XVS650, Honda Shadow 750, and a Kawasaki Vulcan 900.

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Humby
  2. I'm 5'11 and I have noticed that the Yamaha XV535 Virago is fairly high up for shorter riders.

    However the XVS650 Dragstar / V-Star fixed that problem, lowering the seatheight.

    If you manage to check out bikesales oneday, look for the Honda Shadow VLX600 (HONDA VT600) that bike has the lowest seatheight of any cruiser (believe me i've had one and it is ridiculously low). The size of the bike isn't that small either as it has a longer wheelbase than a Harley 883 and 1200 sportster (the sportsters have a much higher seatbase too).

    Don't write off the XV535 and VT600, they are pocket rockets of the cruiser world, able to beat their 650 & 750 stablemates to 100km/h and also outhandle them. They are also alot lighter....but if you want fullsize cruiser and low seat hight, the XVS650 V-Star is your best bet.
  3. I forgot to add, that if you are looking to pour buckets of cash ($1000-$2000) to do up the cruiser, the Honda VT600 and VT750 are two of the most customizable cruisers on the market, i'm talking everything minus actually being able to swap engines.... They haven't made overbore kits yet though :(

    They have a huge following in the U.S and Europe so spareparts and custom parts can be had quite easily...
  4. Also have a look at the Suzuki M50 and C50
    Shaft drive, liquid cooled, efi, low seat height ( I noted the 5'4").

    I bought my M50 in Nov last year for 10k on the road ( brand new.)

    Have done 7500kms since then, and love it.

    The C50 is the chrome, dresser style, the M50 a bit more muscle bike.

    Different gear ratios in each, and the M50 is lighter, and has tubeless tyres.

    Worth a look. PM me if you want to look closer than a dealer will let you.
  5. I upgraded also from a 250 Virago and now I have a 1999 vt 750 and I couldn't be happier with it.
    It is not meant to be a speed machine and you shouldn't lose your licsence on it, but you can comfortable cruise at 100+km/h easily (although it seems to love 80)
    I have blinged it up throught a US internet supplier (still half the price of AUS) and it is a joy to ride all day.
    I am also vertically challenged and this bike poses no problems for me and the general maintenence is easy!

    Checkout photos in the link of my sig.