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Medium Ridgid truck license - Melbourne??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OC1, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. I'm after somewhere to get instruction and my license on a medium truck. Anyone have a recommendation and what would be the cheapest trainer?? It seems Armstrongs have a one day course for about $600 (one-on-one instruction).

  2. might help if you tell us where you are NSW, Vic, QLD etc.

    The person to talk to is iwantabiggerbike maybe just send him a pm.
  3. That'd be the Melb in Qld?
  4. :facepalm: oops guess I didn't read with my eyes open "Medium Ridgid truck license - Melbourne??" think that says Melbourne ](*,)
  5. Happy to help someone :)
  6. You can try DECA in Altona or a yellow pages search.

    There are heaps of providers.

    When you do all the research can you let me know the results as I may join you
  7. Barkly Driving School (Deer Park) 9361 2000 - $550.00 (I think plus $22 for licence fee from VicRoads on successful completion of course)
    Paul Mont Driving School (Kilsyth) 9723-9077 - Involves 7 Hours training plus test: $625.00
    Hi-Way Driving School (Bundoora) 9467 5999 - Dunno price
    Yugo Driving School (Dandenong) 9794 0040 - Dunno price

    You can look up yellow pages :)
  8. Me too :D

    Heck, I have car and bike, why not truck as well? Will use it for work anyway......
  9. I got my heavy rigid licence thru DECA training, cost $800 i think all up, 1 on 1 training over 2 or 3 days. That was non-synchro too so it prob cost less for a synchro licence.
    DECA are a good company. They do bike licences too if you want to go for that at the same time, well they did at least, i think its a different company on same premises now.
  10. DECA are also apparently a pretty good company but they teach in groups. Its not a rigid truck, but get a drive in the Volvo FH12 500hp turbo compound Globetrotter, pretty nice rig.
  11. speak to or PM
    "iwannabigger bike" he is a tester and instructor (truck and double 8)
    he will be able to help you out
  12. Beat me to it groberts :D
  13. check your pm
  14. Thanks iwantabiggerbike - it seems a few others want to get their license as well (vic, knightrider) - could we do a group discount???

    At the moment the price you PM'ed me is very good!
  15. Glen you a bit slow today, I said that in the second post yesterday. Not very often you are behind the rest. :D
  16. Just got my Heavy Rigid last week through the Victoria University. Was on a non-synchro Fleetliner tipper. They had 4 in the class and it lasted 4.5 days. I think the cost was about 565 not including the 22.50 endorsement fee Vic roads charge to amend your licence. I found it very good and the instructers were top notch. If you prefer a 1 to 1 ratio you will need to go elsewhere.
  17. We use DECA for training the drivers at work, put 10 guys through cert III road transport last year.

    They have been around for quite a while now and generally do a pretty good job of the training... unlike some places who have the primary goal of getting you an endorsed licence DECA actually try and teach you how to drive a heavy vehicle, and how to look after the other stuff you need to know...
  18. mate of mine got his last month.
    asked me to read through the book so i could quiz him.
    it is only when you read through it, that you realise some of the stuff truck drivers need to be aware of.

    it also reminded me of studying for my bike license,
    a lot of tips/information in that book that would make everyone a better rider/driver,
    if only they could be made aware.

    if anyone is thinking of going for it and needs an extra person to get a group discount,
    you can drop me a line (PM).
  19. Ring Transport Driver Training on 9791 6373, that's the one that "iwantabiggerbike" works for and they're excellent despite that! :D