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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. I've dabbled in it and am now taking a more serious look as a part of my new 'no TV lifestyle' which kicked off on Monday (its very quiet here).

    Anyone into it, recommend it?

  2. Wow perfect oppurtunity to bring something up!!
    Im not sure if I dreamed it or if it was real - that foxy was really into meditation. Its hard to distinguish truth from reality sometimes :LOL:
  3. Meditation can be very relaxing, relieve a lot of stress etc. It's a good thing. Look into tai chi as well :)
  4. I totally recommend it. A little while each day devoted to meditation would pay off big time... I once did a meditation retreat at a Buddhist temple in Thailand - two weeks of TOTAL SILENCE - mediation, some yoga in the morning, and absolutely no talking. I look back on it as some of the best time of my life.
  5. I have a minimal dosage of TV: the MotoGP and the news and weather.
  6. my wife meditates, she tells me it's great because she is in her own space and it peacefull........... shit I told her I get the same thing from riding the bike........... :eek:

    seriously good shit....... if you've got a stressful job or lifestyle...it can help.
  7. Yes, I meditate. I call it riding.
  8. Masturbation to pass the time? Highly recommended.
  9. :LOL: well naturally this topic is going to attract stupid responses as well...but some good feedback in there.
  10. I'm currently re-reading 'Meditation & Health by Eric Harrison...its a good book.

    And I think all meditation takes the Buddhist angle at some point
  11. Meditation sounds an awful lot like prayer to me.

  12. hmmm thats interesting....so sitting quietly with your eyes closed, relaxing and concentrating on your breath sounds to you like 'prayer'

    How so?
  13. ive meditated for years through martial arts.. its an awesome feeling.. a great way to relax.. it takes a while and alot of concentration, but after a while your sessions become longer and longer.. i love it now and meditate for 1/2 hour to an hour a couple times a week at least... i totally recommend it.
  14. A good way to get into this is via self hypnosis. There are heaps of self hypnosis CD's out there that can induce a very relaxed state with some positive messages thrown into the mix. A great way to relax.
  15. i've dabbled in meditation for years - everything from TM to Louise Hay's meditation tapes. for 3 years recently i went out with a guy (who i met through riding) who had been a buddhist monk for 15 years in burma and over time i came to love their way of life and understanding of life. as a result i joined the Buddhist Society of Victoria, got into daily meditation and went on a couple of the silent retreats that cb25goespop mentioned. for me, there's no other experience or journey like it, even though i'm not as regular or disciplined as i'd like to be.

    heaps of ways to look into it further:

    *meditation classes
    *buddhist meditation classes (usually free - try buddhist society of victoria, or tara institute. bsv also offers free literature)
    *meditation retreats (try googling 'vipassna' meditation retreats)
    *books and tapes (check out borders bookstore for their tape collection)

    ultimately i find these things spur me on to meditate more often but ultimately they don't do the discipline for me... i have to set aside the time and force myself to sit down and focus on my breath even when my mind is racing and unsettled. and just like riding, it improves over time through putting in the hours.

    good luck with your journey, carri
  16. sorry - just noticed you're in sydney.

    there's a big buddhist temple i think in woolongong that everyone raves about, and i'm fairly sure they do vipassna retreats in the blue mountains. good luck, c
  17. i know one way to predict the future .
    Ride like an idiot and i will garentee you end up dead. :shock:

    not into these "other " forms of relaxation/ remedial therapys/ well being things, i find 5 minutes on the storm and my well being has changed considerably .
    but if thats what rocks your karma , good luck and i hope you do well at it .
  18. It sounds like prayer because when I pray my surroundings are generally quiet and peaxeful and I am thinking about something outside my self and or about needs, mine and others. Like you guys and girls I find it restful and refreshing.