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Meditation ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bretto61, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Ok so my lady has this new personal trainer.
    Whom runs her ragged and takes her boxing etc etc. Is getting her into yoga.
    So now Lovey is into this meditation stuff and thinks I should be doing it too.
    So correct me if I am wrong. After all the information she has given me and from watching her my perception is, that meditation is nothing more than the fine art of falling asleep whist sitting up.
    Something I do on a regular basis when I am drunk !!!!

  2. Conscious sleeping is a bit of an oxymoron so no it's not quite like falling asleep sitting up. Wanna know what meditation can bring? Look up Ram Bahadur Bomjon
  3. Then your not doing it right...

    Its self hypnosis. And the results of which can be truly amazing when taught to do it properly - where you can learn to control your mind and sub conscious - to a point where you can help your body heal quicker among other things.
  4. seriously

  5. i'd say try it a couple of times. i've never tried it, but think i'd love to a couple of times just to experience it.

    can't hurt ;)

    worst comes to worst - you get to sleep during the day
  6. buddy
    she talks = you nod, smile, be agreeable.
    whatever crap comes out of her is irrelevant. just do the dishes and you will get a root.
    keep it simple
  7. no i'm wrong. that won't work either.
    just spend more time in the garden, works for me
  8. Tell her that you'd meditate better if she was giving you a gobbie.
  9. I meditate for wisdom.
    Meditation does not create happiness, but a better sense of being.
    it helps you to clear your mind, have a higher understanding of yourself and things around you.
  10. At the Global Atheist Convention was a bunch of 4000 odd people, all who are pretty well opposed to new age bullshit. Then a speaker came on, Sam Harris, who had the whole audience meditating without realising. He is a neuroscientist, and demonstrated how meditation can be beneficial to the brain. I must admit I was surprised. The talk was more or less to suggest a reason on why people resort to a God in times of desperation. Sam Harris suggests its just a way to interrupt the thought process for a small amount of time, and meditation can replace this concept.

    There is medical evidence to support this I believe.

    I cant see the GAC website from here, but the Harris video might be posted up by now. If not, it will be coming.
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  12. Meditation can be a good release and relax for the brain. Personally, I get better from exercise.

    Give it a go, if you don't like it stop. That's what your bike is for.

    When was the last time you saw a motorcycle out front of a psyciatrists office?
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    I'm with Goz here. Quackery and woo. Next she'll have you reading horoscopes.

  14. I used to meditate every day, but that was before I began to ride. Now I don't meditate at all and don't need or miss it (but I miss riding my bike if I can't ride for any reason).
  15. There is a type of meditation that is supposed to have scientific backed research to it. Involves stopping thinking about anything for 20-30 minutes and letting the brain relax - the brain being the most hyper-stressed and plastic organ of the body. Supposed to be quite healthy and increase life expectancy with constant practice.
  16. Bretto, it's equivalent to the state of when you're in the zone on the bike, mind's clear, focused, free from other distractions etc.

    So, essentially, you can tell her you already do it ... and have been doing it for years.
  17. shit in her letterbox ! that'll teach er'

    and remind her you meditate constantly...everytime she open's her mouth.
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    Thread started a year ago guys, tra bounced it.

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    Not I, sorry to disappoint you, but I am guilty of not looking at the date of the original post.

    The only way I read posts here is by clicking on the 'new posts' link, so I will only respond to posts that have already been brought back from the dead.