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Medical Emergency Ch7 7:30pm 21-11-2007

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. to quote from today's TV guide in the paper.

    Air paramedics rush to the aid of a motorbike racer who has crashed on Phillip Island.

    I wont go as far as the promo I saw for this on Ch7 last night but they did use the words "Will they arrive in time" :LOL:

    I could spoil it by revealing the result but I wont :p

    Will be interesting to see how much they dramatise the whole thing.
  2. Nope. Not gonna watch it.
  3. Cejay and I were at a track day once where the chopper was called in. Apparently the dude who was choppered away didn't make it. :(

    Anyway, I hope it's a positive story.
  4. Stop it now Rob. Every day is happy day.
  5. *Hands Rog a bunch of posies and rose coloured glasses* :grin: (where's the snoopy skipping into the sunset emoticon when you need one!)
  6. The other day I ran into one of my old school mates at Chaddie. He's now an Emergency Doc at Dandy. Hmmm may be he'll show up tonight. (He is pretty cool: we played in a couple of bands together and he was very handy on the funky bass.) At the time I thought; I hope we don't run into each other on a professional basis. :p
  7. Bugger off Rob. I have been part of Roadracing in Vic for 30 odd years, and every time that chopper comes, It's for one of my mates.
  8. The last 2 track days I have worked at PI we have needed the chopper to take a rider away :(
  9. Rog, that ^ was reinforcing having a happy day, not taking the piss.

  10. [​IMG] It's a positive biker helicopter story! [​IMG]

    So are Michelle and Phil related to NR?
  11. I missed it, what was wrong with the guy?
  12. Was a lady (I'd say in her 30's or 40's). Broken leg. Crashed at Turn 1. Her husband was riding in the same race / session.

    Was just 1 of 3 stories in the half hour show.
  13. Lady in her 40's, possibly even 50-ish. Clipped a bike heading into Turn 1, and highsided, breaking her wrist and ankle (gee - that sounds familiar). They kept saying that the speed was around 200kph, but likely would've been more like 170kph.

    They kept going on and on and on about how mind-bendingly lucky she was to get away with so few injuries. I've seen guys come off at >200kph, slide, and get up and walk away with nothing more than some light grazing.

    What would've done it was the highside, rather than the speed. You can come off a bike and slide and be fine a lot of the time so long as:

    1) You don't highside
    2) You don't tumble
    3) You don't hit anything

    At the end they reported her as saying that she's looking towards making a full recovery and returning to the track! Bloody ace! If you fall of the horse, get back on it I say.
  14. At least the doctors didn't go on about how dangerous bikes are and how she should never do it again. As usually happens in these programs.
    As for the speed, 200, 170, 100....It's all fast and usually hurts even when you get up and walk away.
    But strangely, sometimes it can be fun too :shock:
  15. Very true about how these programs sometimes choose to use their topic to demonise certain activities.

    You don't see programs on mountain climbing, sky diving, base jumping or horse riding (including Melb. cup etc) attempt to discourage the sport.

    Motorcycle riding is seen by many to be anti-social.

    I can't see also the sensitivity to this topic in a sense of.... hello it's fugging motorcycle racing! :shock:

    Let's face it, track work is
    a) a fairly dangerous hobby and voluntary sport
    b) a fairly dangerous hobby and voluntary sport, and most importantly
    c) a fairly dangerous hobby and voluntary sport

    I have done many track days and funny enough, many regulars just see it as another day to have some fun. It actually is classified as an extreme sport, so it should not be taken lightly.

    Don’t want to sound like the voice of doom. But when was the last time you heard of a family weekend that involves jumping out the back of a plane to have a picnic.

    Ride safe all!
  16. Helicopters are bad at racetracks, and will be until I have one.
  17. This case looks to me to be typical of a helicopter transport out of PI.

    Everyone assumes the worst when a chopper arrives at PI but in most cases it's pure economics at play.

    To transport a patient from PI to the nearest public emergency hospital (Wonthaggi or Dandenong) the ambulance crew will be tied up for between 2 & 3 hours. If there is only the one crew on shift on the Island that day it leaves the area uncovered for that time. The Ambulance service has two choices, get a scratch crew together on overtime to cover or use a chopper to get the patient to The Alfred or Royal Melbourne.

    Of course on occasion the chopper is needed to get the patient to hospital quickly or to minimise the risk of further spinal damage (being bounced down the road in the back of a road ambulance) so a helicopter would be called in but this would be in a small number of cases.
  18. yeah i saw it actually and thought, jeez that was pretty over the top for what happened. the week before on the same show was a segment on a bloke that hit a bus on his motorcycle at around 80km/h he needed to have his spleen and part of his pancreas removed. i reckon you could expect a mc acco at least every couple of weeks or so on that show, given they would generally be the more life threatening cases.