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VIC Media's stupid response to VIC LAMS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Vic learners can have beefier motorbikes

    I love thier opening sentance! :evil:


    July 6, 2007 - 2:09PM

    More powerful motorcycles will soon be in the hands of Victoria's most inexperienced riders under a shake-up of licensing regulations.

    Under the changes, learner and probationary motorcyclists can ride bikes with more than twice the power allowed under current regulations, but power-to-weight ratio limits will be imposed.

    Currently, new riders are only allowed to ride bikes with a maximum engine capacity of 260cc.

    Under the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS), engine capacity caps will be increased to 660cc but new motorcyclists will be banned from riding anything with a maximum power/weight ratio over 150kW/tonne.

    Roads Minister Tim Pallas announced the changes, together with a $2 million upgrade program targeting eight Victorian motorcycle blackspots.

    "Current regulations don't reflect the performance abilities and safety mechanisms of today's motorcycles," Mr Pallas said.

    "These changes will allow learner and probationary licence holders to ride motorcycles with a maximum power/weight ratio of 150kW/tonne and a maximum engine capacity of 660cc.

    "This will allow new and learner riders to access a greater number of bikes that have safety features like ABS (anti-lock braking systems) and combined braking systems."

    Mr Pallas said the new laws would also encourage new riders to retain their motorcycle, rather than opting for a high-performance bike as soon as their restriction period ends.

    They also restrict novices from riding high risk, race replica 250cc motorcycles.

    The changes will be introduced over the next 12 months, bringing Victoria into line with South Australia, Tasmania and NSW.
  2. Re: [VIC] Media's stupid response to VIC LAMS. What ARS*oles

    :? Hmm, since when did LAMs make 120-140hp bikes legal - or has the media simply forgotten about 2-stroke 250s. :roll:

    And what exactly on the LAMs list has ABS or linked brakes :? .
  3. Re: [VIC] Media's stupid response to VIC LAMS. What ASS*oles

    Lets flood the ed's desk with letters of support for this system whenever it eventuates
  4. The last time I emailed them about inaccuracies and bias in an article, they replied that the article (like this one) was from the AAP and not written by them, implying that they had no control or weren't responsible for the content. i.e. 'I know nuthin'.

    They did, however, remove the offending article.

    So bomb away. It's a report created with little attempt at investigation or balanced consideration.

    Bring back the investigative team at The Age, I say :p
  5. Re: [VIC] Media's stupid response to VIC LAMS. What ASS*oles

    :LOL: This from the same person (presumably) that's responsible for Victoria ditching it's old power/weight limit for cars in favour of NSWs stupid "no turbos or V8s" rule - which bans drivers from most Volvos, Saabs - even a 1L Daihatsu Charade because the mean, nasty turbo makes them instantly "dangerous" :roll:.
  6. Funny thing is, the laws will PREVENT vic learners from getting access to powerful 2-smokers like the RGV, RS250 etc. In fact, I'm not even sure the CBR250RR will be a legal learner bike.

    It WILL give riders access to machines with much easier power spread and riding characteristics, as well as good tyres, better brakes than most current 250s and generally more modern technology. So it's a good move in my books because learners will have an easier time on the road.

    Hopefully they don't do something stupid like limiting learners to 80kmh, that's absolutely treacherous.
  7. I love the use of the word "power" in the first two paragraphs before they finally get to mention engine capacity in the third paragraph. It gives the average schmuck reader the impression that learners will be hooning around on more "powerful" machines. Sensationlism at its best.
  8. I'd say the CBaaaarghs!! will be available. From what they've said, it sounds like they're doing exactly the same as NSW (150kw/ton, 660cc), and if that's the case then you've already got your list:

  9. whats a pirates favorite motorbike?

    about time I say...
    How will sumotos fair? more 400cc? anyone got the link for the NSW /SA LAMS list?
  10. Eswen you raise a good point regarding Sumotos, but remember that larger CC bikes tend to still cost more, so there will always be a market for 250cc bikes for newbies. Also they must be getting to the end of supply of CBR250's.
  11. What idiots. Just because it has twice as much power does not mean it is faster if its 4 times as heavy.
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  13. :? You looking at the same list as me. Hmm, Royal Enfield Bullet, Suzuki GS500, Kawasaki ER-5, Yamaha SR500, BMW R60 etc...which of these has more modern technology than a 250 exactly? :p
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  15. I didn't say it was HARD research :grin:
  16. :LOL: :LOL: :wink:
  17. ok, so i was a little bit distracted by the opprtunity to make a pirate joke. :oops:
  18. Forgiven, but only because you made the pirate reference...

  19. You underestimate the power of the Sumoto!
  20. If they run out they'll probably just start rounding up CB250s and slap fairings on them - most of their customers probably wouldn't notice the difference. :LOL: